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AuthorTopic: OT: What genre would you put Sinatra and also Dean Martin? (Read 54630 times)

Marty3dCitizen that the UniversePosts: 1363

I'm continually updating my tags (as every MC user, ns suppose) and also once in a while I find music that ns can't categorize.Two examples are open minded Sinatra and also Dean Martin. I don't have many tracks of these artists, but nevertheless I want them effectively tagged. Carry out you have any kind of suggestions? ns don't feeling they belong in pop or rock Thanks!/Martin
I have actually them fill under "Vocal - Vocal Jazz & Standards". I have an additional Vocal genre, which i name "Vocal - Adult Vocal" wherein I fill civilization like Barbra Streisand, Perry Como, Andy Williams, etc.Hope the helps.

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I would classify that as- huge Bands / StandardsIf you want to break it under further:- big Bands- Vocals / Crooners would be seperate.
Easy hearne or Vocal; They're no really Jazz, 'specially not Martin. Ns associate huge Band with various other music prefer Count Basie or battle each other Ellington.
Magic_RandyMC Beta TeamCitizen of the UniversePosts: 2304I supplied to it is in indecisive, but now I'm no so sure..
I don't recognize much ray Charles (any, actually, except 'Mess Around'), however I constantly thought he was a Blues musician...

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I also use Easy Listening for them.Ray Charles is under Jazz here yet he might just as easily be under Blues, Soul, or a wide selection of various other Genres. It's funny, the ones that are difficult to classify all in the same location are typically the persons I like the best.
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This only shows the average period of users. Ns am functioning on reconstruction of one 8ft stack of LP's that room so scratched increase you can't view the tracks. And most of them room Sinatra vintage or older. Just class them together Grandpa's best
Thanks all for her input! It has actually been both educational and entertaining ("Crusty Olde Fartes" for example) to review this After reading your views, i narrowed it under to three feasible Genres; "Gangsta Grandpa's", "Easy Listening" and also "Vocal". Ns think simple Listening is the most ideal for me, yet on the other hand, I have a Mood group called "Lounge", i beg your pardon in my civilization is practically the same (including Elevator Music). Therefore I might end up making use of Vocal instead...Thanks again!/Martin
Sorry come disagree through the over posts.IMHO there is only one way to differentiate Frank, Sammy & Dino from Bennett & other crooners... RATPACK!(I don't have any kind of Joey Bishop or Peter Lawford melody in mine collection)
I likewise use "eclectic" to distinguish specific artists that autumn between wider categories:i.e." open minded Zappa (eclectic rock). My favorite genre is "americana" (Dylan, Johnny Cash, Joni Mitchell, Hank Williams, Neil Young, Aretha Franklin, The thankful Dead, etc.)- those that have withstood the test of time for me. I understand Neil & Joni are Canadian. I have Mark Knopfler indigenous Dire Straits noted here, as well... And also he's a Brit!