at the finish of Fahrenheit 451, Mildred has an epiphany before she dies. What is this epiphany, and why is the significant?

Montag imagines that Mildred experience an epiphany moments prior to she dies as she stares into the blank screen of the parlor wall and recognizes the result of she meaningless visibility for the very first time. This imagine epiphany is significant because the illustrates Montag"s desire for Mildred to exercise self-awareness and emphasizes the futility of she life, i beg your pardon she shares v so plenty of other civilians of the dystopian society.

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We understand nothing for sure of Mildred"s death in the nuclear explosion that destroys the city. Our image of it is mediated v Montag"s consciousness. He has what is either a metaphysical or wholly imaginative connection with Millie as the bomb strikes. As he is thrown come the soil at...

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We understand nothing for certain of Mildred"s death in the nuclear explosion the destroys the city. Our image of it is mediated through Montag"s consciousness. He has actually what is either a metaphysical or wholly imaginative connection with Millie together the bomb strikes. As he is thrown come the ground in ~ this dramatic moment, he

saw or felt, or imagined he observed or felt the wall surfaces go dark in Millie"s face, heard she screaming, since in the millionth part of time left, she observed her own confront reflected there, in a mirror instead of a crystal ball, and it to be such a wildly north face, every by itself in the room, emotional nothing, starved and also eating of itself, that at last she recognized it together her own.

He imagines Millie screaming in psychic agony together she actually fully sees her challenge at the moment of death and has the epiphany or suddenly realization that it is "empty ... Starved ... Eating of itself."

It is constantly suspect when a male interprets or "speaks" a woman"s fact for her, however this is what Montag wants to believe about her end—he desires her to have had a minute of me realization such as he had actually after he met Clarisse and also the mrs who killed herself rather than offer up her books.

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What Millie allegedly realizes is that her life has been empty. She becomes a symbol of all the people in this dystopian society who have actually been lulled right into the false id that lock would discover happiness through stays of passive consumption, only to discover out as well late the they have actually been dehumanized and also deceived. This is far-reaching because it sums increase the core trouble with this now-destroyed society: a life without genuine thought is meaningless.