Refrigerant poisoning can take place if a human inhales or spend the chemicals — additionally known by the brand name of Freon — from cooling appliances, such together refrigerators and air conditioners.

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Accidental refrigerant poisoning is rare however can take place when a person works straight with cooling chemicals. Poisoning is an ext common in people who use the substance together a recreational drug.

Mild exposure come Freon in a well-ventilated area is generally not serious, including having a small amount ~ above the skin or having actually a localized leak in the home. However, if a person notices symptoms of refrigerant poisoning, lock should call their doctor or emergency business immediately.

In this article, learn around the symptoms of refrigerant poisoning, and also how to treat and also prevent it happening.

What is refrigerant poisoning?

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Refrigerant poisoning happens when a human inhales chemicals provided in cooling appliances.

Certain appliances, such together refrigerators, waiting conditioners, and freezers, contain chemicals referred to as fluorinated hydrocarbons. People often refer to these chemicals as Freon, which is a top brand name.

Freon is a attention substance. This nearly odorless and tasteless gas can cause severe symptoms if a human inhales too lot at once.

Because refrigerants reduced off the oxygen supply, some people use the gas to obtain high. This is an extremely dangerous, as breathing in refrigerants in high concentration or big amounts have the right to lead come death.

If a human suspects they have actually inhaled refrigerants accidentally, lock should call the emergency solutions immediately.


Symptoms the refrigerant poisoning vary based upon exposure. If exposure wake up accidentally as result of a leaking appliance in a well-ventilated area, poisoning is not most likely to occur.

Accidental poisoning is rare. Most cases of poisoning occur because of intentional exposure as soon as someone desires to obtain high, or they inhale the gas in an fastened space.

Symptoms of mild come moderate refrigerant poisoning might include:

irritation the eyes, ears, and throatdizzinessvomitingchemical burn top top the skinnauseacoughing

Severe refrigerant poisoning can cause symptoms, including:

vomiting bloodbreathing difficultiesloss the consciousnessbleeding or liquid buildup in the lungsseizurefeeling the the food pipe burningirregular heartbeatconfusion
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The many common cause of refrigerant poisoning is problem abuse. Refrigerants are straightforward to achieve because of their low cost and also use in countless appliances.

A human being may usage a rag, a little container, bag, or one appliance soaked with refrigerant chemicals to get high.

Freon is just one of several usual inhalants offered by teens and also adults with the aim of getting a high native the fumes. Inhaled substances usually have actually short-lasting effects, so it is not uncommon for a human to inhale numerous deep breaths in a row to prolong the high. Acquisition multiple breaths also substantially rises the chance of resulting in refrigerant poisoning.

Though no as common, the is possible to gain refrigerant poisoning from inadvertently exposure. This is most likely to occur if a human works in a basic that supplies refrigerants.

Accidental exposure may additionally occur from functioning on products that contain the chemicals.

It is not most likely that a human will build poisoning native a leaking house appliance, assuming that is in a well-ventilated area.

It is an essential to call the emergency business or Poison manage in the united States, which runs a 24-hour call guidance business for poisoning emergencies, if a person is showing indicators of refrigerant poisoning.

If possible, a bystander should assist a human move come a well-ventilated area or outdoors whereby they can gain fresh waiting while wait for the ambulance.

In the emergency room, doctors will screen a person’s heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure.

Direct therapy will attempt to fix any kind of internal or external damages from the poisoning.

Treatments the doctor may use include:

medication come treat symptom or interior damageoxygen through a breath tuberemoval or treatment of any kind of burned skinremoval of fluid from the stomach, making use of a pipe if ingested

There are currently no drugs accessible to treat the poisoning directly.

Also, doctors do not have a formal means to diagnose the condition, but they will administer treatment if they expect or have the right to confirm exposure come refrigerants.

Preventing refrigerant poisoning concentrates on avoiding or staying clear of drug abuse.

People should secure any appliances the contain refrigerants and lock up refrigerants that space in warehouse so that they are not obtainable unintentionally.

It is also an important for parents, teens, and also professionals who work-related with youngsters to recognize the indications of inhalant abuse.

Signs of inhalant abuse include:

sudden weight losswatery eyesseeming to be drunkslurred speechloss the coordinationbreath or clothes that smells of chemicalshidden indications of abuse, such as chemical-soaked rags or north spray cansexcitabilitystains on a person’s face, hands, or clothing

Being educated about the risks of refrigerant poisoning can also aid stop human being from inhaling coolant chemicals for the first time.

Even one-time use of coolant chemicals can cause death. Other complications that may occur due to inhaling coolant chemistry include:

damage to the lungs, nerves, brain, or other vital organsweight lossloss of strength or coordinationirritabilityirregular and rapid heartbeat

If a person suspects someone they understand is abusing refrigerants, lock can contact the substance Abuse treatment Facility Locator from the national Institute on drug Abuse at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

Alternatively, lock may likewise visit for an ext information.

Behavioral health and wellness facilities can aid treat a person’s addiction and aid identify and also treat any type of other underlying health problems, such as stress and anxiety or depression.

To help prevent accidental poisoning, a person or company working with refrigerants deserve to take procedures to do their rectal safer.

People working with refrigerants have to only execute so in a well-ventilated area. Castle should also take precautionary procedures to stop exposure to the skin.

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It is important for world working through refrigerants to adhering to all guidelines and also procedures. They have to receive cultivate on just how to safely handle chemicals prior to using them.