What occurred to goku in those 100 year after the left the earth (by i beg your pardon Pan was already an old woman)? walk Goku die or not?



Actually, GT is non-cannon, due to the fact that Akira Toriyama wasn't the one who wrote the story, he only did the SSJ4 design.
A lot deserve to be said about the critical episode.

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You can argue the Goku checked out train through Shenlon, you could argue the he readily available his own life for that last wish, you might argue that it was every an illusion, see Pan hold his shirt after ~ he had supposedly left, you can argue the he ended up being one v the Dragon Balls/Shenlon, you might argue the he"d become immortal.

This perform goes on and it will stay to her own creative thinking what you think has taken place to Goku, as it was never ever thoroughly defined in the smashville247.net. I guess if anything, we might agree that Goku had surpassed human existence and entered a state different from being lively or dead as we know them.



Goku to be dead to start with at the finish of DB GT, and also when inquiry if they should revive that back, the didn"t allow them execute that. Instead, the feared that there are more dangerous and strong fighters in the world, and also he needed to practice and therefore went v Shenron to practice and live a tranquil life for sometimes.

He did mention he will come back when the time is right, and also since then there to be rumours that a brand-new season will come. However at the moment, there isn"t any and also GT weren"t component of the initial Dragon Ball series.


Dragon round GT is an alternative timeline.

After Super or maybe later on in the series, they can reintroduce super Saiyan 4 as the "Lost Form" or the "Forgotten Form" or something choose that.

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My other theory is that probably the civilization who produced Dragon Ball will create a story whereby GT Goku and also DBS son ogong will ultimately meet up... As soon as the time is right.

I think that as soon as GOKU went with shenron and meet his old friends for farewell he understand that his time has involved say goodbye .And when goku stated to shenron the he was feeling an extremely tired 보다 ever before it"s due to the fact that he to be dying and also disappears .Also the reason pan witnessed goku"s dress in the end since he to be dead