I lost a Redbox movie rental once. A Redbox kiosk is a means to get a dvd rental without having a physical store. Well, not really. I had just forgotten to return the the following day and also then that slipped mine mind till it was too late. One of two people way, it finished up costing me a lot much more than I wanted to pay because that a movie the wasn’t all the great.

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We every love the town hall movies yet returning castle the next day to a Redbox close to you is simply a level hassle.

If you want to prevent that pain, girlfriend should absolutely check outNetflix or Hulu if friend haven’t already. Lock both streaming services that sell a big collection the movies and tv shows without so late fees and also the opportunity of misplacing dvds.

Want to stop paying fees for late rental returns? get a 2-week free trial the Hulu and stream her movies ~ above demand!

This post is going come walk you with Redbox’s rental policy and also what to expect if you lose or can not return a Redbox rental (DVD/Blu-ray/Game).


RedBox close to Me? – how to find a Redbox

Do you still have actually your Redbox rental yet not certain where the the next kiosk come return that is? No problem, simply go come Redbox’s location finderand put in your current zip code and also it’ll show you whereby the nearest kiosk is.

They also give you directions to it, however I’d introduce plugging the deal with into Google Maps or a various GPS app because their directions no the many user-friendly.

Remember, you can return your Red box rental at any type of kiosk. You don’t have to return the rental to the very same kiosk where you obtained it from.

RedBox’s Return Time – how long is the Rental Period?

According come Red box, your rental maximum rental duration lasts native the day you purchase it until the following day in ~ 9:00 pm.

So if you rented a movie ~ above Sunday in ~ 11:30 pm, you would need to return it by Monday at 9:00 afternoon to protect against paying for another rental duration plus any type of applicable tax.

If you happen to wait one extra 31 minutes and rent the movie top top Monday in ~ 12:01 am, then the movie rental duration would last till Tuesday in ~ 9:00 pm.

You need to be aware that if friend live top top or close to two different time zones, her rental is due at 9:00 pm in the time zone where you rented it.

Another great thing to remember is the if you reserve a rental virtual or with their mobile app, the rental duration starts immediately. So even if you don’t choose up the rental in ~ all, you’ll still it is in charged for a full rental period. Luckily, they cap it the end at one rental period. If however, you choose it up, the same rules apply as above.

Redbox’s late Fee – exactly how much is it?

It’s 9:01 pm and also you just realized the you haven’t went back that Red box movie you rented the night before. What perform you do?

Well, unfortunately, over there isn’t much you have the right to do as well as return it and also pay for the extra rental period plus tax. Because that a DVD or Blu-ray, this amounts to one extra $1.50 come $3.00 relying on taxes.

Since you currently paid for the totality rental period, girlfriend can always keep it for an additional night and also rewatch it! just make sure to return it before 9:00 pm the next day.

Redbox lost Movie dues – What happens if you can not return or shed a Redbox movie?

If your dog ate her movie or if you simply forgot come return the movie till months later, RedBox’s return policy is quite straightforward.

When you’re discovering your movie or video game from the kiosk, it will certainly tell friend what the max rental duration is. For most movies, the 17 days. For many games, the 23 days. Which usually means, you’ll be paying the daily rental fee plus taxation every day till 17 or 23 days space up. After ~ that, you very own the rental.

For a DVD you’ll typically be payment $25.50 plus tax to very own the rental.For a Blu-ray Disc, you will do it be paying approximately $34.00.For a game, you will do it be payment $69.00.

These prices may vary relying on the day-to-day rental duration charge in her area.

You’ll typically be paying more than if you had actually gone and outright to buy the movie or game in stores. Plus friend don’t obtain the nice disk or situation with the if you very own a Redbox rental.

So it is in careful, return those rentals right after you watch them, and don’t perform like ns do and also forget that you rented a movie in the an initial place.

Here’s an additional commonly inquiry question about Redbox movie rentals: what do I perform if a Red crate movie won’t play?

What to perform if Redbox Movie won’t Play:

This is the worst. Girlfriend went out to rent that exciting new movie, popped it right into the DVD player and nothing happens. It i will not ~ play or it’s totally fuzzy.

Don’t panic. Right here are some feasible solutions to her problem:

First, if the display screen is totally black or it claims “no signal”, make certain that both the tv and DVD player space hooked increase correctly and also turned on. You’re more than likely laughing because this is therefore obvious, yet you’d be surprised. We all do mistakes.If everything looks great but the movie still isn’t playing, check to make sure you’re not putting a Blu-ray disk into a traditional DVD player. Your DVD player needs to be Blu-ray compatible for it to be able to play correctly.If you are sure you have actually the best device, then it’s feasible that the disc is dirty. Friend can try cleaning your disk with a soft cloth, I’ve found that glasses cleaning cloths – friend know, that stuff the feels like felt – occupational perfectly to clean dvds and game disks. Wipe tenderness from the facility to the edge.

If did you do it tried the two above tips and also the movie still i will not ~ play than Redbox argues you call them straight to report the unplayable disk. Hopefully, the won’t concerned that.

Frequently inquiry Questions

How lot does Redbox charge for shed movies?

If that is shed you receive the preferably charge:

$29.75 for lost DVDs$34.00 for Blu-Rays$69 for video clip Games

All 3 that the over does not incorporate tax.

Can i buy the Redbox movie ns rented?

You deserve to buy the Redbox movie girlfriend rented if that is eligible, yet not all titles are eligible to it is in purchased.

Can Redbox fee a Cancelled card?

Redbox can’t fee a cancelled card – no one can.

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I’d love to hear if friend still usage Redbox and what your experiences v them room in the comments! Or execute you favor the traditional video stores, such as Blockbuster.