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What’s the 1928 $2 Dollar invoice Worth? 

Do you desire to understand the 1928 $2 bill value? You’ve reached the ideal place. In this post, I’ll explain why this bill is together a popular collectible and also tell you exactly how much a 1928 $2 bill is worth.

Most people who get a $2 bill automatically become excited. That’s because it is one of the most unique pieces that U.S. Money still in circulation and a valuable collectible.

The key reason because that the collectibility of this bill is the it to be the first “small size” invoice issued in the joined States. This provides it other of one oddity that even non-collectors choose to have actually in their possession. The visibility of the red seal ~ above the left-hand side of the note also makes the seem an extremely foreign and exotic come non-collectors.

Although this bill is rather old, the vast majority of 1928 $2 receipt are only worth around $5. However, certain types of 1928 $2 bills space worth much more. Keep reading to uncover out if you have one the these beneficial $2 bills in your possession.


The value of a 1928 bill relies on several factors:

The note’s condition (uncirculated, around uncirculated, extremely fine, very fine, fine, an extremely good, good, fair, poor)The selection of keep in mind (1928A, 1928B, 1928C, 1928D, 1928E, 1928F, or 1928G)If it is a star noteIf that is a mule noteWho the prospective buyer is

A bill in ‘uncirculated’ or ‘about uncirculated’ problem is one that does not have any type of creases, folds, or tears. It looks practically as good as the job it rolled turn off the printing press. This kind of bill would be of interest to a collector or currency dealer, also it is one of the much more common varieties. The approximate worth of 1928 $2 bills is as follows:

Circulated 1928 $2 invoice in negative to good condition

A typical circulated 1928 invoice in good/poor condition is precious anywhere in between $3 come $20. The an ext common arrays of 1928 $2 bills 1928D, 1928F, and also 1928G) are sold on the cheaper finish of the scale.

Circulated 1928 $2 bill in very great to incredibly fine condition

A high-quality invoice might achieve between $10 to $50, depending on its variety. It’s usual to see pristine 1928G note being marketed for $20-30, if 1928B note are regularly closer to the $50 mark.

Circulated 1928 $2 bill star/mule note

Star notes space typically more valuable, through a circulated 1928G star note fetching $30 come $60. Star note of the 1928B range can fetch number of hundred dollars. 

Uncirculated 1928 $2 bill any kind of variety

A common range like 1928D and also 1928G can be offered for about $60-150. A less common range like the 1928B could be between $500 come $2,000.

Uncirculated 1928 $2 bill star note/mule note

Uncirculated star notes generally start in ~ a few hundred dollars. However, uncirculated 1928B star notes deserve to sell for $15,000 or more. If the note was likewise a mule note, that could increase its value further. They room highly beneficial notes that must be examined by a professional currency dealer.

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