Blue Dolphin Pill. White Mercedes. Green Star. Violet Transformer. White Rolex. This are simply some the the ecstasy pills festivalgoers room popping in overfill this year.

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With the concert season well underway, addiction Now decided to take a closer look at ecstasy use. Throughout the board, the team analyzed over 8,000 crowdsourced reports it is registered to and also, with the Blue Dolphin Pill topping the list.

In this forums, drug individuals readily defined the appearance and also effects the MDMA pills, or ecstasy, they’ve purchased. Share this details with Digital Music News, the organization has uncovered the most famous varieties that ecstasy.

Around the world, the many prevalent ecstasy pill to be blue and stamped with a dolphin emblem — the ‘Blue Dolphin Pill’.

Dubbed the Blue Dolphin Pill, it also has a spinoff: the Yellow Dolphin.

A white ecstasy pill special the Mercedes emblem took 2nd place, through 52 distinct reports. According to the anti-drug news organization, you’ll regularly see MDMA pills emblazoned with deluxe brands. In fact, many civilization recently began consuming Tesla-inspired pills. You’ll also see potentially-fatal ecstasy pills with Superman, Transformer, Rolex, and Cartier emblem in circulation.

And what about the U.S.?

Unlike the rest of the world, the Blue Dolphin didn’t take the height spot in the joined States. The pill only had actually a 17% report rate, and only appeared in the Pacific Northwest and also the Deep South.

The Blue Transformer, however, took the optimal spot v a 76% residential report share. Addiction now tracked reports mostly from significant cities in California, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, brand-new Mexico, and also Massachusetts.

The Blue Superman took second place, with 52% of every reports comes from the Pacific Northwest, the West, Midwest, and also South. The green Apple pill had actually a 45% residential report share, largely used in Los Angeles, mountain Francisco, and significant cities in the South, the Midwest, and Massachusetts.


Transformer tracking

Analyzing the appearance of the Blue Transformer, addiction Now found that it very first emerged in new Mexico in 2008. Weird enough, Breaking Bad first aired that very same year.

(For those that haven’t check it out, breaking Bad monitor a struggling new Mexico high college teacher diagnosed with lung cancer. With the aid of a former student, the produces and also sells blue crystallized methamphetamine. And also the rest is a pretty good binge.)

In the organization findings, the Blue Transformer soon appeared in Arizona and California by the end of that year. It easily spread to Illinois, Colorado, and also Michigan.

After ending up in Massachusetts, the danger pill abruptly dropped off the map. That recently arised in Texas in July 2017. Just a month earlier, commonwealth agents had actually seized hundreds of Blue Transformer pills in las Vegas.


Spotting Superman

Ecstasy pills with the male of Steel’s emblem an initial appeared in Florida 14 years ago. After jumping to Georgia, it easily moved out west to California in 2008. Prior to moving on to the rest of the world, that domestic activity appears to have actually stopped completely in 2011.

Last October, 11 teenagers in Australia overdosed top top the Blue Superman pills. Together the Sydney Morning Herald reported, the ecstasy pills shaped with the recognized Superman logo may not contain MDMA.

While the victim survived, your British counterparts weren’t for this reason fortunate: the pills led to the death of 4 teens in England.


Don’t take a bite the this apple.

The popular Green to apologize ecstasy pill first appeared in Detroit in 2004. The following year, it shifted to Rhode Island and also Indiana prior to making its method down come Texas and California. That last appeared domestically in 2012 in Ohio.

The drug obtained notoriety in the UK after 2 Welsh teenagers consumed the environment-friendly Apple, bring about one come die. In 2014, federal authorities deadline the deaths that two civilization in Ireland to these pills.


Riding the Blue Dolphin Pill to California

Unlike the other popular MDMA pills in this list, the Blue Dolphin Pill has actually an extensive history in the US. Very first appearing in Seattle in 2002, it quickly gained a foothold in California, Washington, Idaho, Texas, Georgina, and Indiana.

The Blue Dolphin later showed up in significant metropolitan locations in the South, namely Memphis, Austin, Miami, and also Atlanta. Most recently, festivalgoers came across these pills critical year.


Tracking exactly how drugs move throughout regions, Addiction now analyzed the Blue Dolphin’s appearances in California. After ~ it moved from Seattle to Pasadena, the later appeared in mountain Francisco and also Oakland that same day. Exactly two main later, the medicine shifted to mountain Jose.

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During this period, ecstasy use skyrocketed in the united States. The Partnership because that a Drug-Free America reported a 71% rise from just two year prior.