For those brand-new to the drilling industry, or those looking in native the outside, the tools and processes supplied to extract resources have the right to be confusing. There room oil field tools and also equipment the are essential to a drilling rig, if others room optional. If you’re interested in gaining into the drilling industry, it’s imperative the you are acquainted with every one of these tools, consisting of the essentials like slips and also elevators.

Learn much more about this slips and elevators below!

Slips and Their Importance


Slips fit approximately the human body of a drill pipe and also are provided to suspend the drill string in the drilling hole. Once installed, they room wedged in the taper the the rotating table’s opening and also because they have serrated insets, they room able to grip the outside of the tubular as soon as it is set on the rotary table.

Slips are commonly installed by the drilling rig team. To collection them, the slips room placed roughly the drill pipe, which is climate lowered until the serrated insets take hold of the drill pipe. As soon as it is time come disassemble the slips and drill pipe, the rig team will job-related backwards. One crew member will lift the drill pipe up, while an additional will take it the slip by the handles and remove them native the rotary table.

One thing to note when making use of slips is if the drill collar walk not have actually an elevator shoulder, a safety and security clamp will need to be used above the slips. This safety and security clamp will ensure that if the serrated insets the the slips fail, the slips won’t fall into the drilling hole, rather, they will be “caught” by the security clamp.

Elevators and Their Importance

An elevator is supplied to raise and also lower the drilling pipe in and out of the drilling hole by latching approximately the peak of the drill string pipeline joints. Many elevators room hinged and the drilling rig team have the right to open and also close them by using the latch with handles top top either next of the elevator.

When installing the elevator, it should be attached come the hook or the peak Drive v either web links or bails and also because a drilling elevator is tapered, it have the right to tightly latch come the drilling pipe without damaging it. Beckets and also bails deserve to then be added to one elevator to provide extra room for her crew come maneuver the elevator and also complete their work-related efficiently.

In necessary to cite that in special situations a drill string won’t have a shoulder, therefore a lifting below will be added to the end of a share to help lift the drill string. The elevator will then it is in attached come the lifting sub to lower and also raise the drill collars indigenous the drilling hole.

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As you have the right to see slips and elevators are essential to a drilling rig. If you’re all set to acquisition your slips and elevators, give us a speak to today! Our experts will have the ability to answer any type of questions you may have around your certain drilling sites.