There room two main varieties of decorative balloons: Mylar® (a shiny, foil-like plastic made of polyester) or latex (a flexible product made from fluid rubber). Which one large longer? Why?


Which kind of balloon large longer: Mylar® or latex?


Three Mylar® balloonsThree latex balloonsHelium tank to fill up the balloons (or you can purchase them filled)


Inflate one helium balloon and also one Mylar balloon.Put both balloons in a room together. Observe exactly how long that takes because that them to shed altitude and also drop come the ground, taking measurements each day.Repeat procedures 1-3 because that three an ext trails come ensure accuracy.Record your results.Research the physical properties and background of Mylar and also Latex. Why might one have actually lasted longer than the other?


The latex balloon should have sunk to the ground ~ a couple of days. The Mylar® balloon should have actually stayed floating—in fact, they can float for as long as a mainly or two after gift inflated.

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Latex is porous—meaning it is to fill with hundreds of microscopic holes. When you inflate a latex balloon, you’ll notification that the latex gets thinner. What girlfriend aren’t maybe to see is the fact that you’re likewise stretching these small holes to be also wider! for this reason what happens? The helium you inflated the balloon with slowly seeps out v these holes, and also the balloon starts to sink come the floor.

Mylar® is a trademarked material developed by DuPont Teijin Films, and also is sometimes used as a generic word come refer to plenty of balloons made using comparable foil and also polyester materials. Balloons made the end of these species of material aren’t porous, they’re airtight—meaning gas isn’t able come escape v the product itself. Helium might have the ability to escape v the neck seal, but if it’s sealed strict enough, this often tends not to it is in a problem.

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