First ~ above our perform is the pedal harp, arguably the many famous form of harp today. Indeed, If you have ever watched a expert symphony or orchestra, climate you’ve most likely seen a pedal in action. Therefore if you were to explain a contemporary harp, the pedal harp is what typically pertains to mind.

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The harp is a large, beautiful instrument v gut and steel strings, usually in combination with nylon strings. Furthermore, the pedal harp has one of the largest arrays of strings, usually having actually an median of 40 to 47 strings on it. This provides it the biggest form of harp.

But, the important distinctive of the pedal harp is its integrated pedals (you may have guessed this from its name). But, what is the definition of the pedals on this harp? The pedals on the pedal harp are what allows the harpist come play sharps and also flats the music. This characteristics is what provides the pedal harp one of the more-preferred types.

While playing a pedal harp, the harpist will push the pedals through their feet to make the wanted tone changes. The harps have actually seven pedals in all, and each the them coincides to a note between A and G. From left to right, the pedals have a D-C-B-E-F-G-A order.

Furthermore, every pedal ~ above the harp has actually three slots — sharp, natural, and also flat. So, if the harpist puts, say, the D pedal in the flat slot, every D cable on the harp will certainly play a D-flat.

Here is how it works. The pedals on the pedal harp connect upwards to a rod that connects them come the harp’s column. This then comments each string to an intricate variety of the instrument responsible for transforming their pitch. This complex setup that pedals is arguably what makes the pedal harp so expensive.

2) bar Harps


Next on ours list room the lever harps. These are considerably smaller and considerably an ext portable 보다 pedal harps. However, unlike pedal harps, the bar does have pedals. Together such, it can not hit sharps or flats in music unless you re-tune it. This is where its levers come into play.

The lever harp supplies its levers to adjust the anxiety in the strings such the it can develop sharps and flats. Each string has an assigned lever, i m sorry raises its tone by one semitone. But, this method that the lever harp has a limited number that keys.

However, there is a drawback. The harpist must use your left to change levers once playing. This means that the musical plan for a bar harp must have actually some space for the harpist to do a lever change.

Interestingly, if you song a totally levered harp to E-flat major and let every its levers down, you deserve to play the much more popular keys ranging from three flats all the way to four sharps without re-tuning the instrument.

But, despite its limitations, the lever harp has actually some advantages. For one, bar harps are reasonably small, which provides them very portable. Moreover, relying on the tuning, the harp can create sounds that space either much more classical or an ext Celtic.

3) cable Harps


Here’s a fun reality for you — historically, cable harps (or Clarsachs) are a variation of people harps the only function all-metal wire sets. This makes the sounds they develop unique different from every other kind of harp — a bell-like sound. Relying on the version you acquire, your wire harp might either it is in a lap-size or a floor-size.

However, a traditional wire can not play flats and sharps in music. But, part wire harps might have integrated blades, which enable them to produce flats and also sharps.

Today, wire harps space not nearly as possible as they provided to be. But, they seem to it is in making their means back come the spotlight. Indeed, countless harp-making carriers now have production present for wire harps. There room even new books on how to pat the wire harp!

In regards to their construction, cable harps have a typically sturdier body. This maybe to stand up to the anxiety that comes with its metal wire strings. The Trinity university harp is one example.

The method for playing a wire-strung harp is significantly different from other harps. Numerous may also say the is more difficult. Girlfriend see, playing a wire harp calls for a complicated system as soon as you damp part strings while you let other strings ring.

Most traditional wire harpists play v their fingernails, while others may use finger pads while playing. Another allude worth mentioning is the the cable harp is an ext suited come Irish and also Celtic music due to its characteristic bell-like tone.

4) Cross-Strung Harps


The cross-strung harp gets its surname from having actually two sets of strings throughout each other. But, they room not in contact. Instead, every one goes over the other. Interestingly, cross-strung harps deserve to play sharp and flats without making use of pedals or levers.

The twin rows of strings ~ above a cross-strung harp room at an edge such the the harpist have the right to reach the row of their selection at every point. One heat of the strings has actually all its organic tones while the various other (usually in black or blue color)

is where you have actually the sharps and also flats the the instrument.

But, possibly the most amazing feature of the cross-strung harp is that it is completely chromatic.

5) dual Harp


The double Harp is another type of harp that is definitely worth mentioning. Choose the cross-strung harp, the twin harp has two parallel diatonic rows of strings. This way that both strings share the same pitch. Also, some dual harps have integrated levers if others carry out not.

When play a double harp, your plucking actions create vibrations that bounce off each heat of strings creating splendid harmonics. V the dual harp, you can create various unique sound effects and also unique tunes reasonably easily, making lock quite renowned in part circles.

6) Triple Harp

Triple harps are among the less common varieties of harps the end there. With the Welsh triple harp, both external rows of strings have actually a diatonic tuning (like the lever harp), if its third row (in the middle) provides the sharps and also flats. The best thing around having a triple harp is the it offers exciting sound impacts that other harps execute not. However, it needs to undergo re-tuning to switch between keys.

7) Chromatic-strung & Cross-strung Chromatic Harps

A chromatic-strung harp explains a harp the features extr strings on its structure to achieve notes that aren’t on your diatonic home scale. In other words, they carry out not need pedals or levers.

On the various other hand, a cross-strung harp attributes a heat of diatonic strings across one row of chromatic notes, in an “X” pattern. So, while playing a cross-strung harp, the heat you play in ~ the height with your best will fall to your left hand in ~ the lower section, and also vice versa.

8) Paraguayan and Latin-American Harps

Considerably fewer world can say the they have actually listened, or even seen, a Paraguayan harp in action. Moreover, there is not a entirety lot of details out over there on this type of harp. But, we deserve to tell you right currently — the harp is an absolute beauty come behold or also hear.

Like other harps v a Latin-American origin, the Paraguayan harp has actually a directly pillar, unlike the traditional curved shape. Also, they have actually a distinct tone, which frequently finds chin playing highly rhythmic music.

9) Aeolian or Wind Harp

The wind harp is specifically what it sounds like — a harp that air or wind controls. If girlfriend think this is impossible, here’s something you can try by yourself. Uncover a windy corridor and tie a couple of strings across an area, making sure to save them taut. Then, wait for a strong wind.

You’ll discover that the strings will provide weird siren-like tones. Prefer that, you’ve essentially made an aeolian harp! If you desire to have fun v the pitches, vary the size of the strings.

Aeolian or wind harps do not always have soundboards, and also they have sizes from big models to lap models.

Many wind harpists who have tried playing have noticed the result of the wind on their instruments. In situation you’re wondering, the adds one eerie touch come the sound they produce. While this may be desirable during a harp music session about a campfire, it have the right to be quite startling during an the end wedding procession music.

Wind harps space arguably the reason for the myths and also campfire tales around harps that played themselves.

10) electrical Harp

Today, the is clean the electrical harp is acquiring so lot popularity. Indeed, it is conveniently one of the much more sought-after by harpists globally. However, it there is no made as huge a name for itself on the general instrument scene.

While electrical harps commonly follow the exact same playing technique as acoustic, they have an included perk of having a advanced amplification system. However, the is no the ideal part. Girlfriend see, you’d suppose the harp to have actually a basic sound pick-up system, however that’s no the case.

Each cable on an electrical harp offers an individual sensor (low profile RMC cable sensor) the detects that vibrations and also captures them. Then, it goes v a high-performance mixer and also the preamp before coming to be a stereo sound output. The provides the sound native the amplifier an accurate representation the the electric harp’s tones.

Asides native the reality that the sounds from an electrical harp are very detailed and projected, there’s more. Friend see, each string having actually its sensor leads to a ‘moving sound’ impact in the stereotype output. This have the right to be very useful in part scenarios.

11) Bell Harp

Here, the umbrella hatchet ‘harp’ is not specific description. But the word ‘Bell Harp‘ has end up being so popular, we determined to add it to the list.

Originally known as the English harp, the bell harp is actually closer to a psaltery and also bears a close resemblance to a zither. It consists of at the very least eight strings throughout the span of a soundboard.

Traditionally, the bell harp players organize the tool uprightly in between both hands and pluck the strings while swinging the instrument to develop undulating sports in its sounds.

12) Harp Guitar

Finally, ~ above our perform of the varieties of harps, we have actually the harp guitar.

The harp guitar (or harp-lute) is a 19th-century creation that combine the qualities of a harp and also a etc to make one instrument.

As you can currently guess, such a harp will certainly undoubtedly develop a uniquely various sound.

Many world claim that the harp guitar sounds choose a base guitar, a steel-string guitar, and a wire harp, every at once.

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If you stuck with us till the end, you the genuine MVP! more importantly, you most likely know an ext types of harps 보다 you started this post knowing. If you’re just starting on her harp journey, execute not enable the variety of harps to overwhelm you. As soon as it gets down to the core, they every share a similar playing technique.

So, remain calm and enjoy the finding out process. You’ll uncover the harp is a truly great instrument come play!