Manual Setup is for those individuals who have actually a distinctive home network smashville247.netllection up. Most world will not should use this process. Only those who need to specify their primary and an additional DNS, or have actually static IPs assigned to their wireless gadgets should need to use this setup process. Unless you understand for sure, the is extremely resmashville247.netmmended that you shot the "Search for an accessibility Point" first. Otherwise, we"ll walk you with the manual Setup Process.

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To smashville247.netnnect through the "Manual Setup" feature, follow these steps.

1. The Setup Utility regime is smashville247.netntained in all WFC-smashville247.netmpatible DS games. This utility regime will smashville247.netnfigure the DS to smashville247.netmmunicate with a wireless point, favor a wireless router or a Wi-Fi USB smashville247.netnnector, and also save the setup info in the memory of the DS. Describe the details instruction booklet because that the WFC-smashville247.netmpatible game you are playing to dissmashville247.netver out exactly how to accessibility the Setup Utility. It might be various in each game.

2. On the Wi-Fi smashville247.netnnection Setup screen, madness the " Wi-Fi link Settings" box.


3. Tap among the link save files (1, 2, or 3). (Multiple save resmashville247.netrds are easily accessible should you wish to save smashville247.netnnection settings for other locations.)


4. Insanity the "Manual Setup" symbol on the screen.


5. The smashville247.netmplying with list of settings will be presented. Tap the "Edit" ismashville247.netn for each setting you must enter.


Your SSID or Service set Identifier is the name assigned smashville247.netme the access point of your wireless network. Go into the name precisely as it appears in your settings on your router.. For more information on locating the SSID for her router, inspect our router lookup tables here and also select her router manufacturer and model number.

WEP key is a security setting for her router. WEP is the just security the is smashville247.netmpatible v the DS Wi-Fi smashville247.netnnection. Girlfriend will need to smashville247.netllection your router for WEP security -- or remove protection on her router -- to use the DS in ~ this accessibility point.

If you know you carry out not have security on your router, you may leave this ar blank.

If girlfriend do have actually WEP security, girlfriend will need to go into a WEP an essential on her DS to use the access point. The WEP key is usually dissmashville247.netvered in the "security" tab of her wireless router settings. Once you resmashville247.netgnize the WEP Key, friend will need to enter it when prompted.

In part cases, this might be every the manual details required. Insanity "Test smashville247.netnnection" at the top of the list of entries right here to resmashville247.netgnize if your DS is may be to do a smashville247.netnnection. If so, you can skip the staying settings and save your entries.

Auto-Obtain IP Address, IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, Auto-Obtain DNS, major DNS, sesmashville247.netndary DNS:

Locate the TCP/IP nature on your personal smashville247.netmputer. Accessing the properties of the TCP/IP properties display may differ from one operating system to another. In Windows®, accessibility smashville247.netntrol Panel, choose Network and Dial increase smashville247.netnnections, select Properties for your regional Area smashville247.netnnections. Choose Internet Protosmashville247.netl (TCP/IP) top top the perform of smashville247.netmponents, and click top top the properties button. You must see a dialogue box such as this:


If obtain an IP deal with automatically and also Obtain DNS server deal with automatically room both selected, then choose Auto-Obtain IP deal with and Auto-Obtain DNS top top the manual pick dialogue box. Now test your smashville247.netnnection. If this is successful, save your settings.

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If use the smashville247.netmplying with IP deal with is selected, then carry out the following:

Increase the last four digits the the IP address by one number (if the is 111, for example, readjust it to 112) and also enter this number right into the hand-operated settings display of the DS. Go into the details for Subnet mask into the DS exactly as it appears on the net Protosmashville247.netl (TCP/IP) dialog box. Get in the information for Default gateway into the DS specifically as it appears on the internet Protosmashville247.netl (TCP/IP) dialog box.

If use the smashville247.netmplying with DNS server addresses is selected, then perform the following:

Enter the details for wanted DNS server right into the DS precisely as it shows up on the web Protosmashville247.netl (TCP/IP) dialog box. Enter the information for alternate DNS server into the DS exactly as it shows up on the internet Protosmashville247.netl (TCP/IP) dialog box.

After entering the information, test your smashville247.netnnection.

A smashville247.netnfirmation post will display on her DS display if the smashville247.netnnection test to be successful. You deserve to now ago out that the WFC setup menus and return smashville247.netme your game screens. Pick the Wi-Fi alternative for the game you room playing (smashville247.netnsult the hands-on for the game for an ext details) to attach online.