Currently her 1880 Morgan silver- dollar worth is $22.55. Yet this is simply a minimum value representing exactly how much a circulated-worn 1880 dollar is worth.


With its big silver contents as a start and also collector demand for the Carson City concern your coin has the potential because that much greater value. That the 4 mints that produced silver dollars in 1880, those struck at Carson City room scarce today. Include in the vast popularity of this coins and the prices room well above average.

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Additionally, introduce to the photo to the right, that "uncirculated" condition stands out as far much better than most surviving 1880 Morgan silver- dollars. Lack of wear, bright colorful toned luster and lack of contact marks sets this coin apart. As a collectible that is a quite example and also the form collectors seek.

Judge condition and also mintmarks closely. Varying degrees of undertake determine problem with values listed on the graph below. Also, mintmarks recognize the mint that developed your silver- dollar and also are valued separately. Both space covered in information further down the page.


Mintmarks carry out make a distinction in value. Together collectors assemble sets, most encompass examples from each of the four mints that produced silver dollars in 1880. Figured out by mintmarks situated on the reverse side the the coin, these various mints room "S" san Francisco, "O" new Orleans and also "CC" Carson City mint. The Philadelphia mint walk not place a mintmark ~ above 1880 silver dollars.

Top condition Finds peak Values

Largest of united state coins, silver- dollars when mixed with others are heavy sufficient to easily inflict deep marks and also cuts onto every other. Regrettably as component of the minting and storage procedure these Morgan dollars were inserted into canvas bags v 1000 various other silver dollars. Basic to imagine the stacking, handling and transporting of bags resulted in a multitude that abrasions.

Surviving today without marks indigenous a thousand coins per bag is rarely for one 1880 silver- dollar. One such rarity was offered by David Lawrence rarely Coin Auctions. Tho retaining original bright luster, surfaces with the lightest the minimal bumps and bruises, the coin pictured attracted severe attention. Bidding ongoing until $402 was important for one collector to add a gem condition dollar to their collection.

Review again the over grading images, also if her coin is circulated, problem is an essential part of as whole 1880 Morgan silver dollar value.


Discover greatest 1880 Morgan silver Dollar value

The degree of stay (hopefully none at all) is a little hard to gauge yet is one step that needs attention. Complying with the lead of collectors, study the problem of her 1880 dollar closely. Together you compare your coin come the images, a close complement of its condition becomes apparent. This procedure determines the "grade" and also using the over chart identifies precise value of her 1880 silver dollar.


Uncirculated: Highest 1880 Morgan silver- dollar value is booked for "Uncirculated" instances or additionally known together Mint State. Coins in this "brand new" condition are the highlights of collections. The minting procedure imparts a vulnerable frosty luster to the surface of coins. When titled, irradiate on an uncirculated coin reflects in glowing bands uninterrupted native rim to rim. Confirm your coin is uncirculated by assessing Liberty"s cheek and chin area, any type of wear across these high points shows as a break in luster.


Extremely Fine: As silver- dollars start to show slight stay their problem is graded as exceptionally fine. Noticeable in ~ the hair above Liberty"s forehead and also behind she neck, flattening is evident. Wear and also loss of roundness also shows atop the crease of she cap. Her coin in this condition is still very sharp and crisp.

Fine: Moderate wear and also moderate lose of information reduces Morgan silver- dollars come the fine grade. Back wear is apparent, major design facets of she cap and hair curls stay bold and also recognizable. But those original fine details are lost and replaced by level areas.

Good: If her 1880 silver dollar has endured extensive wear the is described as "good" condition. Despite a large loss of detail Liberty"s portrait is clearly separate of the field. A couple of lines that hair curls display behind the base of she neck. Although greatly worn part folds to the cap room visible. A when protective in salt is currently all however gone and close to merging through the lettering.





























Morgan silver Dollar values | rare Mintmarks and Condition Highlighted

Every collector admires these large silver coins, every collector desires one. Their popularity is immense. Worth over $21.76 each since of silver content alone. Inspect your coins through the grading images and also value charts. Discover a rare date, mintmark or a better condition coin and Morgan silver dollar values start climbing.

Complete silver- Dollar Values

No surprise here, the large size and classic design insure silver Dollars are one of the favorites v collectors. Each collection is spanned in detail, with values listed for every dates and mintmarks, including an ext on her 1880 Morgan silver- dollar value. Compare your coins to images in the part "How come grade silver Dollars" and also accurately discover how lot your old dollars are worth.

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It is fantastic index through images and also text web links to every coin series, from cents to Gold. Value charts, grading images and also descriptions uncovers the common to rarely coin values found in your box of old coins.

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Many of her old us silver coin values room tied closely to the price the silver. Silver dimes, quarters, half dollars and silver dollars are all hefty with 90% silver and also worth plenty of times their challenge value. Through today"s high value of silver her old coins are ending up being surprisingly valuable. Today"s Minimum silver Coin Values