Estuaries are crucial natural places. In addition to important habitats because that birds, fish, insects, and other wildlife, estuaries administer goods and also services that space economically and ecologically indispensable, such together commercial fishing and also recreational opportunities.

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Visitors communicate in to chat fishing in ~ Rookery Bay national Estuarine study Reserve (Photo Credit: Sue Christensen)

Environmental Benefits

Estuaries provide critical habitat for types that room valued commercially, recreationally, and also culturally. Birds, fish, amphibians, insects, and other wildlife count on estuaries to live, feed, nest, and reproduce. Part organisms, favor oysters, make estuaries their long-term home; others, prefer horseshoe crabs, use them to finish only component of your life cycle. Estuaries provide stopovers because that migratory bird species such together mallard and canvasback ducks. Countless fish, consisting of American shad, Atlantic menhaden and striped bass, spend many of their resides in the ocean, but return come the brackish waters of estuaries come spawn.

Economic Benefits

Estuaries are frequently the financial centers of coastal communities. Estuaries carry out habitat for an ext than 75 percent the the U.S. Advertisement fish catch, and also an even greater portion of the recreational fish catch. The complete fish capture in estuaries contributes billions of dollars a year to the U.S. Economy.


The fishing market depends on healthy and balanced estuaries to carry out essential nursery locations for many commercially essential fish and also shellfish species. (Photo: Hansje Gold-Krueck)

Estuaries are likewise important for various other recreational activities. Millions of human being visit estuaries annually to boat, swim, fish, and watch birds and also other wildlife.

Many estuaries are necessary centers the transportation and international commerce. Countless of the commodities you use daily pass with one or more estuaries top top a commercial shipping vessel before ever getting to your home.

The proceeding prosperity many coastal communities enjoy from fishing and tourism is plainly linked come the health of your estuaries. The economy and the environment are completely intertwined.


Healthy estuaries provide tranquil sanctuaries where canoists, kayakers, sailors, fishers, and also many others can appreciate nature. Seaside recreation and tourism generate from $8-$12 billion per year in the United claims alone. (Photo: Sandra Huynh)

While strongly influenced by tides and tidal cycles, countless estuaries are protected from the full force of ocean waves, winds, and storms by reefs, barrier islands, or finger of land, mud, or sand that surround them. The attributes of each estuary rely upon the local climate, freshwater input, tidal patterns, and also currents. Truly, no 2 estuaries room the same.Yet they are commonly classified based upon two characteristics: their geology and how saltwater and also fresh water mix in them.

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However, not all estuaries save on computer brackish waters. There space a small number of ecosystems classified as freshwater estuaries. These estuaries take place where substantial freshwater systems, such as the good Lakes in the joined States, space diluted by flow or present waters draining from surrounding lands.


Birdwatching is a hobby delighted in by countless Americans. Healthy and balanced estuarine ecosystems provide wonderful opportunity for birders to see diverse avian varieties in their aboriginal surroundings.

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