Definition noun, plural: detritivores an organism the feeds on detritus or organic waste Supplement A detritivore pertains to any type of organism the feeds top top detritus or essential waste. Its surname is obtained from gift a detritus-feeder. In a biological context, detritus describes the dead particulate organic material. It includes decomposing plants and also animals as well as faeces. In the food chain or an ecological pyramid, the detritivores are uncovered at the topmost level. At the basic is a group of organisms called producers the are capable of production their own food with biosynthesis (e.g. Photosynthesis). They room exemplified through plants. The trophic level next to producers is a group of organisms the feed on necessary matter, e.g. Plants and/or animals. This trophic level is comprised of so-called consumers. Detritivores room on peak trophic level, spend detritus and also decaying dead plant and animal parts. Detritivores and also decomposers are many of the times used interchangeably. However, others perform not take into consideration all decomposers as detritivores. Accordingly, detritivores in a stricter sense are those that ingest lumps of issue in comparison to other decomposers such together bacteria and also fungi the absorb and also metabolize detritus. Instances of detritivores include millipedes, woodlice, dung flies, plenty of terrestrial worms and burying beetles. By consuming dead organic matter they rate up decomposition by enhancing the surface area available to saprophytic bacteria. Word origin: Latin dētrītus (“the action of rubbing away”), indigenous dēterō (“to rub away, to obstacle off, come wear out”) Synonym(s):

detrivore detritophage detritus feeder detritus eater saprophage

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