harry Potter: 10 things You no Know around Buckbeak The harry Potter franchise functions tons of timeless characters, yet how lot do pan know around the reasonably unsung hippogriff, Buckbeak?

We first met Buckbeak during The prisoner Of Azkaban when he had taken up residence external of Hagrid’s hut. In the films, that became an important part of that Voldemort-less story. After that, we witnessed nothing of him on-screen, regardless of his semi-regular appearances in the novel series. This gaping hole in the story that Buckbeak way that countless fans of Harry Potter are unaware the what taken place to him in the book—and in the broader landscape that Potter according come JK Rowling).

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We’ve placed together a perform of ten things you might not know around the most famed Hippogriff of every time.

~ the events of The prisoner Of Azkaban, pan of the films were safe in their knowledge that Buckbeak escaped his unjust execution and also saw him and also Sirius fly off right into the street for a new, more secure life. In the books, we bumped right into Buckbeak a handful an ext times. Among those times verified us the Sirius had collection up a brand-new home for Buckbeak in his mummy old bedroom at 12 Grimmauld Place.

Kreacher in bother Potter and also the Deathly Hallows
after Arthur’s injury at the Ministry, Harry was on high alert for things he saw via Voldemort. Voldemort make a fake script in which Sirius to be being tortured in stimulate to guide Harry come the room Of Mysteries.

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Part the the Dark Lord’s setup included convincing Kreacher, through the assist of Bellatrix and also Narcissa, to injure Buckbeak for this reason that, once Harry make the efforts to contact Sirius, he to be otherwise engaged. As these occasions led to Sirius’ death, there is a instance for blaming Harry"s emotional torment on Kreacher... Back he was just complying with orders.

Harry Potter and Buckbeak the Hippogriff, one of Many terrific Beast
as Sirius took ownership of Buckbeak after the occasions of The prisoner Of Azkaban, he became Sirius’ possession. In his will, Buckbeak was among the many things that ended up belonging straight to Harry. This meant Harry kindly enabled Hagrid come be rejoined with his favorite pet who ended up living v the half-giant as soon as again. That was present outside Hagrid’s hut and also was in the elevator during Aragog’s funeral.

7 and He was Renamed Witherwings

~ the fatality of Sirius and also Buckbeak’s succeeding transfer to harry’s ownership, he had to be provided with a new name because that his own protection. Pan of the novel series will it is in well aware that his brand-new name to be Witherwings, but, together Buckbeak disappeared indigenous the film series early on, we never uncovered out about this readjust of name. It is most likely that after the fight Of hogwarts he was able to return to his initial name, but we don’t recognize for certain.

after the death of Albus Dumbledore in ~ the hand of Severus Snape, Harry was pretty furious. So furious, in fact, the he adhered to Snape throughout the lock grounds, eventually finding out that he was the Half-Blood Prince. Buckbeak confirmed his commitment come Harry during this struggle by coming to his assist to ward Snape off.

Yet, one of this was shown in the film. Instead, we witnessed Buckbeak defend versus Lupin in werewolf kind three movies earlier.

5 Hagrid Had much more Than One Hippogriff

In the film version of The prisoner Of Azkaban, we only ever before saw Buckbeak and also the events surrounding his release were focused exclusively on him. In the book, however, Hagrid was in reality rearing a herd that Hippogriffs. This expected that Buckbeak self wasn’t stuck on his very own without friends, together he remained in the movie version.

Like many of the characters we came to be familiar through over the years, Buckbeak was component of the defense in ~ the fight of Hogwarts. Again, we never ever saw him in action in the film, yet in the book, we discovered out that he to be scratching in ~ the eye of death Eaters, together the winged Thestrals.

3 Harry’s flight In The Book and Film Are very Different

among the many iconic scene in The sinner Of Azkaban comes once Harry paris on Buckbeak because that the an initial time. That is nervous and confused, but, in the film, we watch him fairly majestically learn just how to control the winged beast.

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The flight in the publications is a many bumpier, and also Harry renders it an extremely clear the he didn’t exactly have a an excellent time during his an initial flight. That makes for rather the distinction from his giddy shouts in the film.

if we view Hermione and Harry riding Buckbeak at one point—and Hermione yes, really not having actually a good time—we never see Ron take it a turn on the earlier of the Hippogriff. In the video clip game adaptation of The sinner Of Azkaban, Ron is can not to also attempt to ride him, merely bouncing away rather of bowing and attempting to knife his respect.

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1 there Is A Song about Him

v the enormous fame the the Harry Potter franchise, that is no real surprise that there are rather a few musical groups who exist specifically to sing around it. One such team is dubbed Draco and also The Malfoys, who have actually a song called "Hippogriffs worthy To Die." Harsh.