Character vs. Personality is one external problem in which two or much more characters space pitted versus one an additional in a battle, either literally or figuratively. The outcome can bring around maturity and growth, or a repair of peace in the protagonist’s world.

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Character vs. Character / male vs. Man

Character vs. Character is among the most common conflicts discovered in literature, both fictional and nonfictional. The protagonist that the story normally must challenge some type of challenge from an opponent or force, periodically in a physical battle, and also sometimes in a psychological battle. In physics battles, protagonists often confront the antagonist that the story directly, and also defeat them with weapons or other combat. This is commonly the simplest kind of personality vs. Personality battles; sometimes it deserve to be more complicated.

Sometimes the personality vs. Character fight is a kingdom or nation which has to fight against another kingdom or country for land, liberty from oppression, or a spiritual purpose. In other instances, the conflict can happen from an ext psychological reasons, such as bullying, intimidation, sabotage, greed, hatred, or jealousy. There space a myriad of factors why one personality in a story could have to defeat one more in order to reclaim order to your world, or to learn vital lesson from which lock mature, or grow.

Another kind of fight between personalities is figurative. This commonly arises from emotional reasons, yet the fight is combated not v physical contact, however through intelligence, words, or a clever plan. For instance, in william Shakespeare’s beat The Tragedy that Romeo and also Juliet, Juliet and also Romeo carry out not physically battle versus their families’ long-standing feud; instead, they take it a was standing for their love for one another by gaining married in secret. Their hope is that the revelation of their marital relationship will ultimately force their families to fix their feud, which is what they space figuratively battling against.

In addition, a character in a personality vs. Character problem does not need to be human; that simply have the right to be one more character that can reason within the story. Because that example, numerous infamous evil monsters have battled well known heroes, including the Cyclops in The Odyssey, Grendel in Beowulf, Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, the aliens in The Monsters room Due ~ above Maple Street, and even the devil himself. Plenty of of these monsters have required heroes and protagonists to fight physically, or come fight for what they believe in.

Character vs. Character Examples

In the novel The Hunger games by Suzanne Collins, Katniss need to outsmart the Gamemakers and other characters in the arena in order to survive. She also figures out how to win the games by threatening to eat the poisonous berries through Peeta, so the they would both die. While her physical survival is a conflict, her mental outwitting of the Gamemakers and other adversaries is a figurative problem as well.

S.E. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders reveals a character vs. Character conflict between two gangs in school, the Greasers (the bad kids) and the Socs (short for “Socials”, the well-off kids). Ponyboy and Johnny flee after Johnny death a Soc named Bob to safeguard Ponyboy from a violent confrontation v Bob. This incident reasons tensions come mount between the 2 gangs, bring about a major battle in i beg your pardon the Greasers win.

In wilhelm Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy the Julius Caesar, Brutus’ agony over Caesar’s sudden climb to power and also seemingly attention ambition drive him to agree come conspire v Cassius and others to death his friend for the great of Rome. While Brutus walk physically kill Caesar, his enemy was Caesar’s ambition, quite than Caesar together a person. This leader to a brutal civil war in between Brutus and Cassius’ forces, and Antony and also Octavius’ forces.

Washington Irving’s short story “The Devil and Tom Walker” shows Tom do a deal with the adversary in return for treasure which will make him a very wealthy man. After Tom’s mam is killed by the Devil, Tom decides to make a address him, and becomes a wealthy usurer. However, together he becomes older, he begins to worry about the transaction he made v the Devil: the signed his soul away. He has been do the efforts to reverse his transaction by going come church and also reading the bible in an attempt to keep the adversary from cashing in top top his finish of the bargain, but it is a fruitless battle. A knock at the door many years later on reveals the Devil, who, that is said, carried Tom far to Hell.

In Arthur C. Clarke’s brief story “If ns Forget Thee, five Earth…”, Marvin’s father takes him on an expedition to check out Earth, their former home, from your current swarm on the moon. The earth has been damaged by atom war, and it is no safe come return yet; it probably will no be safe to return for a couple of more generations. However, the problem in this story is against themselves and also complacency. Each child is displayed the civilization they can not go residence to yet, because they require to recognize the importance of continuing to endure until they have the right to return. It will certainly be a battle of time and also endurance, yet ultimately, they will leave their exile and also return home.

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