Did you know that you can estimate a person’s height based upon their foot size? If girlfriend wore a size women’s 5, you would be approximately 4-feet-9. Yet how big, on average, is a women’s foot size?


Average Shoe dimension for Women

The most typical foot dimension for the average American female is somewhere between an 8.5 and also a 9, which might surprise part people because in the 1970s the mean foot size supplied to be 7.5 until just recently.

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According to a report excellent by the nationwide Shoe Retailers in 2012, the median woman’s foot has grown by an ext than a size over the last three decades.

So, why room our feet obtaining bigger?

On average, american are getting taller and also heavier, i m sorry causes boost of the size of their feet in proportion to their bodies. Taller women in basic seem to have actually larger feet than much shorter women, because their body require added support come balance.


A the majority of our shoes sizes differ based upon genetics and also environment. Our feet can expand as we age and they begin to lose their elasticity. Women’s shoes sizes can likewise switch during pregnancy or menopause. The is encourage you measure her feet occasionally also if you think you know your shoe dimension as it may change.

Measuring her Shoe Size

According to the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, 88% of ladies wear the wrong shoe size. This is likely because of improper fitting, absence of knowing their genuine shoe size and settling for a shoe the fits “well enough.”

To recognize your very own shoe size, it’s finest to measure your feet in ~ the finish of the day after you’ve to be walking since walking deserve to slightly increase the dimension of your feet. It’s said that you measure your feet attract the socks or stockings the you will wear in the pair of shoes you arrangement to purchase.

Best Foot measure Products:

Most commonly Sold shoes Size

Even though on average women’s feet are between 8.5 and also 9, the most frequently sold shoe size is a 7, yet just because this is the size that most women acquisition does not mean that they room wearing the exactly size.

While females may have felt embarrassing of their larger foot size in the past, recent footwear trends have actually grown to embrace bigger feet. In fact, some huge celebrity surname have large feet, including Kate Winslet (shoe size 11) and also Rhianna (size 9).

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Many shoes retailers have actually accommodated to the increase in foot size, switching to creating larger and broader shoe sizes.