Dover DE flagDover is together the state resources city for Delaware and also is America’s 7th-least inhabited state capital. Dover is additionally America’s longest-serving state capital.

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A renowned nickname because that Dover is funding of the first State. Besides the first State, monikers because that Delaware incorporate the Diamond State, Blue Hen State and the tiny Wonder.Historical web page in Dover dating earlier to the 1700s incorporate the remodeled Christ Church, man Dickenson House, Bradford Loockerman House, Eden Hill House, man Bullen House and the Delaware Governor’s Mansion.Research website numbeo lacks sufficient data to rank Delaware’s capital on that comprehensive worldwide quality that life rating i m sorry benchmarks 250 urban worldwide. Numbeo does evaluate Dover on numerous individual factors. Because that instance, Dover’s safety and security score ranks amongst the top four while its contamination index rates in the cleanest 18%. Residential property price to earnings ratio in Dover is competitive, falling among the 16% lowest. On the negative side, Dover rates reasonably poorly for health treatment (bottom 7%) and also traffic commute time (slowest 10%).The Dover global Speedway runs nationwide Association because that Stock automobile Auto gyeongju (NASCAR) races two weekends every year. These events attract almost 100,000 enthusiasm visitors hence contributing countless dollars to Delaware’s funding city annually.Dover was well-known by the Guinness people Records for its Firefly Music Festival wherein 396 attendees lathered up to shower with each other for at least 5 minutes, the most ever to shower simultaneously at a single venue. The feat was funded by soap-maker ireland Spring and was achieved on June 15, 2018.The biggest employers in Dover, Delaware room its state government, the Dover Air pressure Base, Bayhealth Medical facility (includes Kent basic Hospital and also Milford Memorial Hospital), racetrack Dover worldwide Speedway and also Delaware State University.From an global trade perspective, Delaware transport U$4.407 billion worth of goods approximately the globe during 2019. The most valuable exports incorporate medications excluding vaccines (22.8% the Delaware’s worldwide total), physical or chemical evaluation apparatus (5.9%), passenger cars v spark-ignition engines (5.4%), civilian aircraft consisting of engines and also other components (4.5%), yellow (3.1%), bananas not included plantains (3%), device tools parts or accessories (2.7%), sleek petroleum oil (2.6%), filtering or purifying machinery components (2.1%), and vulcanized rubber gaskets, washers or various other seals (1.9%) follow to United states Census bureau data.

Capital Facts because that Dover, unified States: rapid Reference
Capital landmarks:
Delaware agricultural Museum and also Village, Delaware Governor’s mansion, Dover international Speedway, john Dickinson Plantation and Old State House

Below, you will find 10 that the most famous world born in Dover, unified States.

Teri Polo, actress (born Jun. 1, 1969)Tyresa Smith, professional WBNA basketball player (born Apr. 21, 1985)Doug Hutchison, gibbs (born may 26, 1960)Madison Brengle, worldwide tennis champion (born Apr. 3, 1990)Rocky Myers, actor (born Aug. 24, 1982)John A. Norris, producer & writer (born Aug. 24, 1974)Murphy Guyer, gibbs (born Dec. 25, 1952)Ken Peters, writer & director (born Sep. 29, 1979)Jane Bunnell, actress (born Dec. 19, 1952)Anthony Miles, worldwide basketball player (born Jun. 16, 1992)

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Demonym for a Dover resident: DoverianPopulation: 38,399 (Dover) in ~ August 14, 2020Density: 1,622 people per square mile (626 every square kilometer)Population: 982,895 (Delaware state) at August 14, 2020Density: 496 world per square mile (192 per square kilometer)

GDP: US$6.7 exchange rate in 2018 (Dover)GDP every person: $35,425 in 2017Note: The above GDP metrics space on a existing basis and are in Chained 2012 U.S. Dollars.Chained 2009 U.S. Dollars for GDP per human being dataOfficial currency used in Dover: U.S. Dollars

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 Doverians celebrate self-reliance Day as a nationwide holiday each July 4.Dover’s floor area occupies 23.67 square miles (61.31 square kilometers). The state capital’s populace was 38,399 Doverians in ~ August 14, 2020.At the state level, Delaware’s soil area extends end 1,982 square mile (5,130 square kilometers). Delaware is home to 982,895 citizens in respectable 2020.Population thickness is an ext concentrated in Dover, averaging 1,622 world per square mile (626 per square kilometer).Zooming the end to Delaware’s as whole land boundaries, the state’s population density averages 496 persons per square mile (192 per square kilometer).