Today we space going come talk about how come say Happy birthday in Hawaiian.

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let’s imagine you are throwing an Aloha style party. You got your room decorated, themed snacks room all ready and waiting because that the guests to arrive, the only thing absent is a traditional Hawaiian happy date of birth song. My friends arranged a similar party around a year ago, and also I deserve to tell you the them to sing a happy birthday track in Hawaiian included such an atmosphere to the party, the traditional Marilyn Monroe point won’t stand a possibility in this situation!
Check out the finest birthday gift ideasThere space 2 means in which you have the right to say Happy birthday in Hawaiian:Hauʻoli Lā Hānau = Happy day of BirthHauʻoli Lā Piha Makahiki = Happy Day complete Year (in other words, girlfriend congratulate the human being on properly completing the entirety year of your life)Here you deserve to see the the spelling contains two particular letters, the okina (which is the very same character as the solitary open quote) which represents the glottal avoid (a consonant) and also the kahakō (which is the line over the ā) describe a much longer vowel sound.Here is a song that will help you through the pronunciation:


If you are an excellent singing( and also even if you space not), you can take it increase a notch and also not simply say Happy Birthday, however sing a tiny song in Hawaiian. Right here it is:Lyrics:Hau’oli la hanau ia ‘oe, (How-oh-lee law hah-now yah oh-way)Hau’oli la hanau ia ‘oe,Hau’oli la hanau ia “person’s name”,Hau’oli la hanau ia ‘oe

Here is a video that describes how you must pronounce each word exactly.


Here space a couple of interesting Hawaiian traditions which might assist you in making your birthday party an ext authentic:Kiss ~ above a cheek. Greetings in Hawaii usually begin with a kiss ~ above the cheek, also for first-time introductions. The is not typical in numerous families, but I think it will certainly be a an excellent idea to write-up a sign outside your house that today everybody is come greet each various other with a kiss on a cheek.No pair of shoes in the home are allowed. Wearing pair of shoes in a house in Hawaii is not really customarily. Shoes and slippers are constantly to it is in left ~ above the doorstep to prevent bringing dirt right into the house. So for her party, girlfriend can provide colorful footwear for your guests to adjust and make her birthday even more Hawaiian.Aloha clothes. This deserve to be a to mark of her party. Aloha style garments are the true depiction of Hawaii — a clothing style with timeless Hawaiian floral prints or loose-hanging neutrals, commonly in the type of shirts, muumuu dresses, and also even pants for every genders. Ask your guests to dress in this style, and also your party will be so vibrant with colors!Giving the lei. The offering of a lei is by much the most popular Hawaiian tradition. Gifting a lei is ideal on countless occasions consisting of birthdays, graduations or even retirements.

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Today us have questioned how you deserve to wish someone a Happy Birthday and also even sing a tune in Hawaiian. Celebrating children’s 1st birthday provided to be a vital part that Hawaiian human being followed by festivities and celebrations, which was resulted in by a high mortality rate among children. Now we luckily obtain a possibility to storage a birthday just due to the fact that we desire to invest some top quality time v our friends and also family, regardless of how big your party is and also how many guests are invited.