We experienced that previous QVC queen bee organize Kathy Levine just turned increase on HSN as a rep because that Nutrisystem.


Since her departure from QVC numerous years ago, and her marriage to a wealthy older man, Levine has actually made appearances on a variety of other residence shopping channels, consisting of ShopHQ.

She likewise just showed up in a video session ~ above Facebook with husband-and-wife home shopping team Judy Crowell and Paul Deasy.

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As with many home purchase personalities, Levine’s confront looked tucked and also taunt. Perhaps she was just really rested, but we think she surrendered to the TV medium’s push to look young through the aid of a surgeon. No that there’s anything wrong through that. We know the pressure.

We hadn’t viewed QVC hold Jane Treacy in awhile, and also she looked choose she has had some occupational done on she eyes.

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47 Responses come “Ex-QVC hold Kathy Levine Resurfaces come Rep Nutrisytem onHSN”

sara Says:January 28, 2020 at 4:32 afternoon | answer

Gee, Liz, aren’t you simply a beam of sunshine! Paul is also skinny and also Jane watch scary,,You to be curt enough to chat that ignorant statement if she to be on air… Bless your heart………….

linda Says:January 29, 2020 in ~ 3:50 pm | answer

Kathy has had actually several procedures beginning decades ago. She looks good for someone close to 70.

Tina Says:January 30, 2020 at 12:01 am | reply

Kathy Levine has been law cosmetic surgical procedure for a lengthy time. And also Treacy looks like she had work done. They’re do the efforts to remain afloat in an industry that’s walking downhill.Judy Crowell, Paul Deasy, and also Kathy Levine keep jumping around. Lock can’t acquire anything to stick. It’s time because that them to go someplace and also stay, or retire. I realize they’re renowned personalities on home shopping, yet they’ve had their day. They should just retire gracefully.

Judy Says:January 30, 2020 in ~ 3:46 pm | answer

Paul Deasy, IMO, is a many boring vendor. And to do matters worse, his jewelry line was substandard once he to be on Shop HQ/Shop NBC/Evine. Therefore causing the three Amigos to narrow under to two. The didn’t last lengthy on his last go back to HSN. Ns think his tenure top top a house shopping channel has actually run its course.

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elizabeth langevin Says:January 30, 2020 in ~ 5:22 afternoon | answer

It’s too bad cuz both Judy and Paul were really good hosts. Castle are great together and should execute a YouTube, countless do. Not sure if just FB is enough of a medium for them. I haven’t seen Judith Ripka on the Q, climate again, ns don’t clock it much. I finally saw Louis’s line, Linea, beautiful pieces, together always. Ns did watch the yellow show, and Ripka is typically on it, yet not that i saw.

Carol Says:January 31, 2020 at 9:39 pm | answer

The top quality of his gems was very disappointing, Judy. Castle looked beautiful made ~ above air and also online, however fell brief in person.I ordered number of rings, at different times, hope it would certainly change. I sent every one back. A couple were right ok; i couldn’t justify maintaining them learning the high price, and also that castle would fall apart in the near future. Lovely come look at, crap in her hand.As because that his boring demeanor, yes, that is a little monotonous and also low spoken. BUT, I’ll take that any kind of day end the gushing Colleen Lopez, or other amped increase hosts and also vendors. Come each their own, v respect