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In English, over there are unique titles because that relatives, such as aunt and uncle because that either of her parent"s sisters and brothers respectively. Cousin (whether masculine or female) is provided for the children of her aunts and uncles such together they relate to you. Her cousins" youngsters will be her second...

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In English, there are distinctive titles for relatives, such together aunt and also uncle for either of your parent"s sisters and also brothers respectively. Cousin (whether male or female) is offered for the children of your aunts and also uncles such as they relate come you. Your cousins" children will it is in your 2nd cousins. A an excellent aunt and great uncle will certainly be from your grandparents" era and adding step-family members come the mix can further complicate things. The names provided by step-families, however, space unlikely to change, and also if a distinction is vital the native "step" is included as a prefix to the appropriate word (for example, step-cousin).

In the English language, your nephews and also nieces are the children of her brothers and also sisters and this location extends to her husband or wife"s brothers" and also sisters" children. However, together the people has end up being like one large family, language distinctions have brought about confusion and also what is plainly understood in one language is confusing in another. Words nephew in English, as formerly stated, method the kids of a sibling or spouse"s sibling. Yet in Afrikaans, among the official languages of south Africa, over there is a dilemma due to the fact that the word for nephew is the same word as words for cousin ("nefie" is the affectionate and most commonly used word for "neef," definition nephew or cousin).

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This create communication obstacles in English when a person whose first language is Afrikaans inadvertently speak in English around his or she nephew once he really method cousin. The English-speaking recipient of information relating come this particular cousin (or is that his nephew?) has no idea the the exact same word is offered interchangeably and also is frequently confused regarding who the topic of the conversation is.