Did the Vikings have horns on your helmets? go the Queen have actually a to speak in Danish politics? and why are there so plenty of bicycles in Copenhagen?Even Danes execute not necessarily know the answers to all of these questions.

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1. The Dutch funding of Copenhagen is complete of Denmarkians

The people of Denmark are dubbed Danes. Points that room from Denmark are called Danish. Dutch has nothing to execute with Denmark. And also please carry out not use Danish together a noun. That is one adjective. There is no such point as "a Danish". Even if lock taste great. 

Cool viking warrior

2. Where did the Vikings come from?

This is a question we get a many on ours tours. However the Vikings did no come native anywhere and they did no disappear to everywhere else. Lock were just the world living below in Scandinavia. They started attacking the remainder of Europe in the late 700s AD. After that they adopted Christianity, became more peaceful and settled down. The majority of world in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland space descendants of these Vikings. 

And walk they have horns on their helmets? No. The is a myth.

3. Why is Denmark not part of the europe Union?

Map of the europe Union

We are. We just do not usage the euro.

Just prefer Sweden and the UK space members of the EU (for now!) without being component of the euro.

Danish governments have want to sign up with the euro for decades. However the Danish structure does not permit such a decision there is no a referendum and the people have voted no twice. Luckily, the Danish Krone is among the World"s most stable and also reliable currencies and also interest prices are really low. 

Bicyclists in Copenhagen

4. Why so numerous bicycles?

It always amazes foreigners how countless bicycles there space in Copenhagen. Why is a an excellent question.

Local political leaders often shot to take credit transaction saying that civilization use bicycles since they have developed bike lanes everywhere. However even prior to the bike lanes, the city was complete of bicycles. (Just look at this video from the 1930"s). All we can say through certainty is the Copenhagen is relatively flat, temperatures are an excellent for exercising and it has end up being a social norm to ride her bike. 

5. The Queen has nothing come say, right?

Well... Yes and also no. The king actually has actually a the majority of power follow to our constitution. She decides that is member that the government. She decides once to hold elections and also laws are only valid if she has signed them. In practice, she constantly does what the parliament wants. Yet if one day, she would certainly refuse to sign a law, we would certainly not really recognize what to carry out as there would be no constitutional way to force her to perform so. That would reason a significant headache because that the Danish politics system.

Map the Scandinavia and Finland

6. What is the difference between Scandinavian and also Nordic?

This one is fairly easy.

Scandinavia is Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The Nordic nations are Scandinavia plus Finland and also Iceland.

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7. Is tipping meant in Denmark?

Tip jar

No, yet it is not uncommon. Tips are for business that has actually been much better than expected. Bartenders and taxidrivers perform not mean a tip. Yet if you space happy through the service at a restaurant, the is regular to leave a 10% tip. But only if you room happy v the service. 

8. Is the legal come buy cannabis?

No. It is illegal to both buy, sell and also possess drugs. As we spoke around in number 1, we space not Dutch.

German Reichstag

9. Is the true the Danish is a branch that German? 

Oh boy. It is in careful. It will certainly not go under well if girlfriend assume that we space some sort of Germans. 

Danish IS a branch on the germanic language tree. However so is English, Dutch and also German and also the various other Scandinavian languages. Danish is most very closely related to Norwegian and Swedish although, come foreigners, it sounds an ext like German and Dutch. 

10. Space there any kind of famous Danes?

Of course. Just to surname a few:

The authors Hans Christian Andersen and Soeren KierkegaardFormer Secretary basic of NATO, Anders Fogh RasmussenThe gibbs Viggo Mortensen and Connie NielsenThe World"s many elegant footballer ever (in our spatu opinion), Michael Laudrup and also the goalkeepers Peter and also Kasper SchmeichelAmerican Footballer Morten Andersen (second highest number of points in the NFL ever)Tennis player, Caroline WozniackiThe World"s best handball player, Mikkel Hansen. What carry out you think is the many confusing thing about Denmark? permit us and also others recognize what you think: