Spirit Gum is a classic “old school” adhesive that has been around since about the 1870’s. The is derived from mastic gum and is harvest from the mastic evergreen shrub or tree. Soul Gum has actually been provided as a glue for practically everything – native special results appliances to hair pieces. The a particularly popular product in the theatre community! 

1. Start by clean the skin so that it is cost-free of every oil and makeup. This have the right to be done with Witch Hazel or rubbing alcohol.

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2. When the skin area is clean, usage a Q-Tip or brush to apply a thin layer of soul gum ~ above the skin. Enable this to slightly dry till tacky – girlfriend can inspect if it’s all set by tapping the area with your finger.





2. Start from one finish of the appliance or hair piece. Using circular motions, work this area with your wet brush or cotton ball until the edge of the item lifts.

3. Continue working under the edge, gently pulling on the appliance just sufficient to store the stress as you work-related the remover in one motions.

4.Dip her brush or noodle ball right into the remover together needed.

Hair Pieces:

– If you are using heart Gum come glue under a lace hair piece, and it starts to lift up mid-performance, you have the right to reactivate the glue v alcohol! This conserves you native layering on much more and more layers of spirit Gum (which can end up obtaining bulky and messy).

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– Make sure to gently and also thoroughly clean the lace of her hair item upon removal. You have the right to do this utilizing the exact same removal commodities as previously questioned and/or alcohol!


– spirit Gum is a viable alternative for applying on prosthetics and FX appliances! However, for tasks where her makeup requirements to critical a lengthy time, us recommend using more powerful adhesives such together Pros-aide.