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Where is Los Angeles located, and also why room many civilization attracted come this city? Learn an ext about The City the Angels and also see wherein Los Angeles, California, is on the map.

Los Angeles is a city located in the county of Los Angeles. The belongs come the state the California.

Los Angeles is component of the country of the United states of America.

Los Angeles’ specific location is 34.05 latitude and also -118.24 longitude.

The city of Los Angeles is undoubtedly among the ideal places to visit in the USA.

If you are LA-bound anytime soon, make certain to examine out all the finest things to do in Los Angeles, consisting of our list of the finest hotels to remain in Los Angeles.


Frequently asked Questions around Where is Los Angeles located

Distance come other significant destinations:

Los Angeles to san Diego: 112 miles or 180 kilometers

Los Angeles to las Vegas: 229 miles or 368 kilometers

Los Angeles to mountain Jose California: 306 mile or 492 kilometers

Los Angeles to san Francisco: 347 miles or 559 kilometers

Los Angeles to Phoenix: 357 mile or 574 kilometers

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Where is Los Angeles ~ above the Map

Los Angeles fun Facts

1. Spanish governor Felipe de Neve started Los Angeles City top top September 4, 1781.

2. The name Los Angeles is Spanish. Its full name – “El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora Reina de los Ángeles sobre el Río Porciúncula” – when translated, method “The city of our lady Queen that the Angels on the Porciúncula River.”

3. Los Angeles is generally called LA because that short. That is likewise regarded by other nicknames such together La La Land, the big Orange, and The City that Angels.

4. World who reside in Los Angeles are referred to as Angelenos.

5. Whereby is Los Angeles top top the map? it is located in a huge basin that the Pacific s bounds on one side and by mountains on the other.

6. A depth look into the Los Angeles map will show you that the Los Angeles location is in a high seismic zone. The city receive quite an effective earthquakes.

7. Los Angeles ranks as the 2nd most populous US city after brand-new York. It is the most populous in the state of California.

8. Thanks to the great Los Angeles location, the city is one of the biggest producers that oil in the world. Oil was first discovered there in the 1890s.

9. Los Angeles is the movie industry resources of the unified States. It started to be so once filmmakers started coming in to seek refuge from cutting board Edison’s movie patents.

10. The famous Hollywood sign in LA initially says Hollywoodland. This went on indigenous 1923 come 1949.

11. Plenty of famous individualities were born in Los Angeles. Several of them space Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Leonardo di Caprio, and Tyra Banks.

12. The Los Angeles California map includes mystery underground tunnels in Downtown LA.

13. It is widely thought that over there are an ext cars than world in Los Angeles. Imagine just how hard it is to gain a parking an are here! Don’t challenge ask just how the web traffic is.

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14. The us cities the Los Angeles and also San Francisco are recognized to be acquiring 2.5 customs closer every year. This is since they are situated on opposite political parties of the mountain Andreas error Line.

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Frequently asked Questions around Where is Los Angeles located