Medically the evaluation by Daniel Bubnis, M.S., NASM-CPT, NASE Level II-CSS, specialty in fitness — written by Jessica Caporuscio, Pharm.D. ~ above September 5, 2019

Many factors affect the typical time the it takes for human being to operation a mile. Age, organic sex, fitness level, and also nutrition all play a role, but there are various other reasons why the moment varies amongst individuals.

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For example, some researches have shown that the type of running shoe the a human being wears have the right to improve their average mile time. Various other researchers have investigated the impacts of consuming coffee prior to a run.

In this article, we explore the components that influence average mile times and also investigate exactly how to run a faster mile.

Share ~ above PinterestHigh intensity interval training have the right to improve average mile times.
The army Study overview website perform the requirements for how easily males and females in various age groups should have the ability to run a 2-mile race.

The following table shows how fast, in minutes and also seconds, male and also female runners need to run 1 mile to it is in in the optimal 1% and also top 50% that their period groups.

Males run faster, on average, 보다 females in the same age group.

17–21 years22–26 years27–31 years32–36 years37–41 years42–46 years47–51 years52–56 years56–61 years
Top 1% males6:306:306:396:396:487:037:127:217:39
Top 50% males8:188:458:579:249:459:54No dataNo dataNo data
Top 1% females7:487:487:547:578:308:428:489:309:51
Top 50% females9:5110:1810:5111:3312:03No dataNo dataNo dataNo data

The qualifying times because that the Boston and new York City marathons reflect the difference in between males and also females, as carry out the civilization record times for the more quickly mile.

The adhering to table shows the civilization record results for the more quickly mile the a man and woman have run.

Men outdoorMen indoorWomen outdoorWomen indoor

People that wish to mitigate their average mile time can try several approaches to enhance their to run economy. Running economic situation is the amount of power that a human being requires to operation at a details pace.

Researchers have figured out various interventions the may aid people run faster.


People who encompass endurance, interval, resistance, and plyometric maintain in your workout schedule may enhance their mean mile times.

Researchers think that endurance training causes physiological responses that assist people it is adapted to running much more quickly.

Coaches frequently prescribe high strongness interval training and hill workouts as additional methods of improving average mile times.

Many elite athletes likewise choose to train in cities at high altitudes, such together Boulder, CO. High altitude training boosts oxygen shipment to the muscles and also helps them use oxygen much more efficiently.


Both elite and also amateur runners use caffeine to assist improve your performance. Coffee consists of caffeine, however this stimulant is additionally in sporting activities drinks, gels, jelly beans, and also other carbohydrate-rich commodities that are rapid for the body to absorb.

A study in the International newspaper of sporting activities Physiology and Performance evaluated the effects of drink coffee before a 1-mile race.

The team of researchers separated 13 male athletes into three therapy groups. One group received 3 milligrams (mg) that caffeinated coffee per kilogram (kg) of human body weight, when the second group received an equivalent amount of decaffeinated coffee, and also the last team drank a placebo solution.

The researchers detailed that the runners that drank caffeinated coffee 60 minutes prior to the gyeongju ran 1.3% much faster than the entrants in the decaffeinated coffee group and 1.9% quicker than those who obtained the placebo.

However, these outcomes are not consistent across studies. One more group of researchers asked some participants to drink 5.5 mg that coffee per kg of human body weight and others come drink an identical amount the decaffeinated coffee. All participants then completed an 800-meter race, i m sorry is nearly equivalent to half a mile.

The researchers discovered that caffeinated coffee go not boost the participants’ race performance, compared with decaffeinated coffee.

It is important to keep in mind that in both of this studies, the participants were trained runners, so the is unclear whether caffeine may influence the speed of untrained runners.

Learn more about the feasible benefits of drink coffee here.


Share top top PinterestA human being may improve their practice performance by eating spinach.

Dietary nitrates, which occur naturally in lettuce, spinach, arugula, cress, celery, and beetroot, might play a function in practice performance and tolerance.

When world eat nitrates, the human body converts them into nitrites. The further conversion of this substances right into nitric oxide takes place in conditions of short oxygen, i beg your pardon can take place when exercise causes the muscles to become oxygen-deprived.

Nitric oxide has many positive effects on the body that may enhance exercise performance and also tolerance.

As the authors of a review short article note, numerous studies have shown that dietary nitrates deserve to improve exercise tolerance and also lower the amount of oxygen that the body needs throughout exercise.

Other research has tested the concept that nitrates have the right to improve exercise performance.

Researchers discovered that fit adults performed better on a 5-kilometer treadmill run as soon as they ate 200 grams (g) of small beetroot, compared with those who ate a placebo. The runners ate the beetroot, i m sorry provides an ext than 500 mg the nitrates, 75 minutes prior to the run.

Most the the research study to day has offered beetroot juice. However, researchers space unable to recognize the precise amount that world need to consume to carry out better.

Researchers agree the athletes can quickly include 5–9 millimoles of nitrates in their day-to-day diet, although over there is at this time a lack of evidence to suggest that this will an outcome in much better exercise performance.

Other factors

Researchers have been working with elite athletes to break the 2-hour marathon time. They have studied other determinants that may boost running economy, such as:

consistent tailwinddownhill coursespecific to run shoe designs

Researchers imply that wearing to run shoes that are 100 g lighter, alternating between leading and drafting behind other runners, and also racing on a course through a 42-meter elevation drop can make it feasible to run a marathon in under 2 hours.

Another research tested the concept that human being run faster while listening to music, which deserve to influence both activity tempo and also motivation.

In the study, the researcher asked entertain runners to operation to exhaustion on a treadmill under 3 sets that conditions:

a control condition, v no auditory stimulationa metronome condition, v beeps corresponding the runner’s cadencea music condition, with the beat of motivational music equivalent the runner’s cadence

The researchers believed that motivational music with a tempo identical to a faster running cadence would have superior effects, compared with just a metronome beat.

However, the result did not support this belief, through time to fatigue being consistent across the metronome and music conditions. Runners ran for more time under both that these conditions than under the control condition.

The results additionally indicate only a slight reduction in the runners’ perceived effort when they ran to motivational music. However, by an increasing mood and also arousal levels, motivational music may assist people feel much less pain and also fatigue as soon as running, allowing them to critical longer before they reach exhaustion.

The examine authors keep in mind that previous findings show that the motivational nature that the music is less important than the tempo equivalent the runner’s cadence.

People can shot listening come music throughout their maintain to assist motivate them to operation faster. By selecting motivational music through a beat the matches their desired cadence, the person may run much more efficiently.

People who want to boost their average mile time can do so by training. Including endurance training, hilly workouts, and high strongness interval training in an practice schedule can assist a human being improve their median mile time.

Some research indicates that consisting of caffeine and also nitrates in the diet may aid with running performance. A human being should be mindful to take these substances in ~ the suitable time because that their effects to affect running performance.

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Besides training and supplementing the diet, other determinants may additionally help, such together running through a tailwind and on a downhill course. Civilization may additionally wish to invest in a lighter pair that shoes, which deserve to improve running economy.