How to call Turkey indigenous Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

To call a call number in Turkey from Dubai (United Arab Emirates):

Dial the international contact prefix. For calls native Dubai (United Arab Emirates) this is 00 (or '+' indigenous mobile phones).Dial the country code because that Turkey - 90.Dial the subscriber number, omitting the first zero if there is one.

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0090 +90 Turkey country Code

Landlines – City/Area password in Turkey

Area codes for a an option of the biggest cities in Turkey are noted below:

Adana – 322Adapazari (Sakarya Province) – 264Ankara – 312Antalya -242Bursa – 224Denizli – 258Diyarbakir – 412Erzurum – 442Eskisehir – 222Gaziantep – 342Istanbul (Asian side) – 216Istanbul (European side) – 212Izmir – 232Kahramanmaras – 344Kayseri – 352Konya – 332Malatya – 422Samsun – 362Sanliurfa – 414Van – 432

A 0 prefix is dialled before the area code as soon as calling a landline number native a various area in ~ Turkey or native Turkish mobile.

Do no dial the 0 prefix or area code once telephoning native a landline in the same area.

Do not usage the 0 prefix with the area code once calling indigenous overseas.

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For example, to contact a number in Ankara XXXXXXX :

Mobile Telephone number in Turkey

Mobile phone number in Turkey room 10 number in length. They start with 5.

Do not include any 0 prefix detailed with the number when calling from external Turkey.

To call a mobile phone number in Turkey indigenous overseas, dial the worldwide exit call prefix (00/+), the Turkey nation code (90), and then the subscriber number e.g. 00-90-5XXXXXXXXX or +90-5XXXXXXXXX.

To speak to a Turkish mobile phone number native Turkey, dial the full 10 number number through the 0 prefix e.g. 05XXXXXXXXX.

Time Difference

When calling Turkey native the unified Arab Emirates, please keep in mind there is a time difference in between Turkey and the UAE.

The existing time in the UAE is . The date is .

The time in Turkey is currently . The day is .

The time difference between UAE and Turkey is 1 hour.

Exchange Rate

The official money of Turkey is the Turkish lira (TRY).

Current exchange rates between the UAE dirham and also Turkish lira (TRY to AED, AED come TRY) are:

1 Turkish lira (TRY) = 0.38 AED1 UAE dirham (AED) = 2.64 TRY

Exchange rates on this web page were last updated top top Sunday 7th of November 2021 in ~ 2:22 afternoon GMT.

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Useful Information

According come data from the human being Bank, the populace of Turkey in current years is:

2018 - 82,319,7242017 - 81,101,8922016 - 79,821,7242015 - 78,529,4092014 - 77,231,9072013 - 75,928,5642012 - 74,653,0162011 - 73,443,8632010 - 72,326,9882009 - 71,321,3992008 - 70,418,6042007 - 69,581,8482006 - 68,756,8102005 - 67,903,4692004 - 67,010,9302003 - 66,089,4022002 - 65,145,3672001 - 64,192,2432000 - 63,240,1941999 - 62,287,3971998 - 61,329,676Map the Turkey

The place of Turkey deserve to be seen on the map below.