With the arrival of contemporary technology and nano-sized warehouse devices, the exact same precision and also innovations have the right to be watched for the battery sizes no doubt . Us have already witnessed the shrinking size of the straightforward power resource i.e. Battery in many small electronics tools in today’s human being .

Sometimes we indeed confuse to choose in between the 2 industry-leading coin cells which space widely popular among consumers .

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The two coin cell batteries i.e. The CR2025 and CR2032 deserve to be used merely in any watch (digital or wrist), calculators, laser pointers , toys, remotes, and also many much more electronic tools .



You may face difficulty in choosing among these 2 battery options , for this reason no concerns anymore. Below we’ll review the main differences in between both in information (in layman terms) in this CR2025 vs CR2032 post . Just relax and also go ahead . 

CR2025 VS CR2032 – The Main differences !!

Though both the batteries can be used for the exact same purpose undoubtedly , tho there room some noticeable distinctions you may need to consider prior to buying a load of these switch cell batteries right away .

We will check out all the feasible aspects right here now i.e. The separate sections managing each that the different points :

Thickness and also Dimensions Capacity Manufacturers  Applications Naming Convention

All the over points and differing facets will be covered now in information . So just be patient and read more . There is no wasting any kind of further time , let’s discover the points currently .

Round 1 of CR2025 VS CR2032 – Thickness and also Dimensions !!

The foremost and also top differing point you will certainly eventually an alert (if you measure up precisely) in between the two coin cell is the thickness indeed . The CR2032 battery is more thicker  (hence contain much more capacity) 보다 the CR2020 battery . The previous is 3.2mm thick and the latter is 2.5mm thick.

As you an alert that the distinction is not so huge. Yet still this may be a deciding aspect if you simply want to use a much more thicker C2032 battery in the exact same battery container offered for CR2025 battery . With simply 0.7mm the difference, for as long as either fits in the battery compartment, they can be offered interchangeably .

Later below we’ll watch that v this difference will lead to much more storage reserve and also capacity because that the CR2032 battery . Additionally , both batteries are of very same size i.e. Very same diameter (and circumference) i.e. 20mm . Simply be careful while placing any kind of of the 2 batteries interchangeably the you’re not placing a significant amount of force making it fit 


Round 2 the CR2025 VS CR2032 – Capacity and Voltage Ratings !!

As seen above the CR2032 battery is a bit thicker than the CR2025 cabinet battery , together a an outcome the previous can store much more capacity and also has a bit much more shelve live . Additional both have same voltage rating as 3 V .

The volume of these batteries are typically termed as the mAh rating , this usually represents the Ampere rating (power) that can deliver which can be calculate based upon the internal resistance of the battery .

So more is the capacity (ability to keep the early charge) for the battery, an ext the battery will last much longer (the battery will certainly be discharged and also can no much longer be used thereafter). CR2025 will have actually slightly less storage reserve and will frequently not last as long as a CR2032 variant. (the capacity facet is highly variable based upon the intake behavior)

Note: many coin cell batteries have a maximum recommended present drain in between 3 come 5 mA . Also, the yes, really capacity deserve to be figured out for any kind of battery based upon the current load applied to the battery (this will boost as time passes)

Further, both the batteries contain the exact same chemical ingredient i.e. Lithium and Manganese Dioxide composition. Also do save in mind that use of a battery of substantially higher voltage than the equipment is designed because that can reason permanent damage. (so you should not use a 3 V battery in place for 1.5 V tools for certain !!)

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Round 3 the CR2025 VS CR2032 – Manufacturers and Popular brand !!

Both of this batteries have a rather comparable manufacturer without doubt . Many of this manufacturers based out of China , Japan, and also Indonesia . Major brands include Duracell , Energizer , Amazon basics, Panasonic , Philips  etc .

Also, the Duracell and also Energizer branded switch cells are offered for much more premium 보다 the local/less renowned brands. The cost ranges from 0.75$ to 2$ ~ above the higher end per piece (depending upon the brand).


Further if you room a sleeve customer , friend may just want come know around the storage life of this coin cells . So here we have the right to say that the Duracell and Energizer cells have a warehouse life the 10 years and also Amazon basics is around 7 year . 

Round 4 of CR2025 VS CR2032 – Applications In real Life !!

As already discussed earlier , the coin button cells uncover their insane consumption in the smart gadgets like the city hall , calculators , smart keys , toys , smart remotes and many an ext fields that call for power to enable smaller tools efficiently . Yet however the application pattern will certainly slightly differ based ~ above the power and also usage patterns indeed.

If girlfriend want an ext capacity favor in situation of the health care products prefer the heart price scanners and monitors, hearing aids , pacemakers and so on which requires an ext space and also give much more power certainly then the CR2032 cabinet is the alternative you must opt for . At the same time , CR2025 have the right to be offered for playthings , clock , remotes etc . 

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Round 5 that CR2025 VS CR2032 – naming !!

The last difference is their naming i.e. The method both are named based upon the size . If girlfriend haven’t noticed this yet . Both begin from the exact same initial letters as both space from the same household (Lithium cells) of the switch coin cabinet . Climate comes the digits which represent the dimensions simply .

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The specify name is offered by the International Electrotechnical the supervisory board (IEC) come these switch cells based upon particular attributes . 

So in CR2025 and also CR2032 , ~ the letters we have actually digits together 2025 and 2032 . The an initial two digit reflects the diameter dimension (i.e. 20mm). For this reason both have actually same diameter i.e. 20mm . Now the last 2 digits represents the thickness . CR2025 and also CR2032 is 2.5mm and 3.2mm thick respectively .

The 2 initial letters largely represents the physical shape and also composition i.e. ‘R‘ because that the round shape and ‘C‘ for the ‘Lithium‘ composition . 

Now lets cover the various other important aspect of these two coin cells that you more than likely want to know right now . 

CR2025 VS CR2032 interchangeable interchangeable – Is It possible ?

Till now we have actually covered every the different points in between the two coin cells i.e. CR2025 and CR2032 in detail in the previously sections . Currently the huge question is whether deserve to we use both of this cells i.e. CR2025 and also CR2032 interchangeably ? The answer is Yes

You can anytime interchange any type of of the two coin cells and also use it best away . Yes since both of these consists of the very same dimensions , chemical composition , size , voltage rating attributes indeed . The just thing in i m sorry both this differs is the thickness and also the capacity . 

So a small work around you may try with the smaller CR2025 battery is the , simply wrap the cell v a conducting product like one Aluminium foil to make it because that the elevation as compared to the CR2032 cell . Due to the fact that bot space of same diameter , the same battery compartment can easily accept both the variety with ease .