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price by Rory Young, skilled guide, ranger, and tracker with 23 year in wildlife and also forest management.:

Both of these pets are the largest and also most successful mustelids in their respective ranges.

They space equally renowned for your ferocity, their capacity to take it punishment, and also their unbelievable gluttony.


The honey badger steps up to 96 cm is length, as much as 28 centimeter at the shoulder, and weighs up to 16 kilograms.The wolverine is much larger; up to 107 centimeter in length, as much as 45cm at the shoulder, and weighs as much as 25 kilograms.I will malfunction the corresponding weaponry and defenses for each species.Firstly the wolverine.

The wolverine’s teeth room unique. They have actually a unique molar the is revered 90 degrees which is used for breaking with bone. Their jaws are an effective and the combination of solid jaw muscles and also special molars allow them to eat every part of the pet including hooves, bones, and also teeth.

According come Dr. Jens Persson native the sweden Wolverine Project, wolverine claws are thought to be semi-retractable however are in reality fixed. However, the toes biomechanics effectively allows them to carry out a similar action, i m sorry of course enables them to be preserved sharp. This claws are also curved and therefore best for hooking and shredding.

In terms of behavior, the wolverine is fearless. It has actually been tape-recorded killing a polar bear by latching ~ above the throat v its jaws and suffocating the animal. That primary means of death is suffocation by biting the throat and also not letting go, and also by crushing through its powerful jaws and also specially adjusted molars.

The wolverine’s key defense against predators is that is ferocity. It provides this together with its spicy claws, spicy teeth, an effective jaws, and also thick skin and fur to defend its kills versus much larger predators, including wolves and bears.

Although the wolverine is well-known to have a thick hide, wolverines have been recorded eliminated by phibìc American porcupine quills in a variety of instances.Now let’s look in ~ the love husband badger.


Other than its willingness come fight to the bitter end, the love husband badger’s defenses are fourfold.


First, it is built to take a beating. Love husband badgers live in an environment inhabited by countless much larger predators, including lions, leopards, hyaenas, Cape searching dogs, cheetahs, and of course, together we both progressed in Africa: man.

It is normal for predators in this environment to attack and also kill any other predator. This is most most likely to reduce food competition. That method that honey badgers have progressed to make it through in the same environment as these much larger and also well equipped carnivores.

Honey badgers should be exceptionally challenging to survive. Lions, leopards, and hyaenas are all popular to attack and attempt to kill honey badgers. This attempts are sometimes successful but really often they space not. The honey badger will certainly fight non-stop till it is dead or the attacker tires, in ~ which point the love husband badger will make a break because that it.

The honey badger has actually an particularly tough, thick, and loosened hide, specifically developed to protect it against biting, clawing, and also stinging. It is nearly 6mm thick and also extremely tough. A an excellent example that how challenging is the truth that afri porcupine quills rarely permeate it. Be afflicted with in mind that African porcupines space three time the size of your North American cousins.

Their 2nd defense is tirelessness. They can literally keep fighting for hours on end. This is a trouble for a predator currently battling to gnaw v the skin. The initiative is tiring, and the whole time, the honey badger is struggling and also counterattacking through its own claws and also teeth.

The third defense that the love husband badger is that when attacked, it will certainly go because that its attacker’s groin. There are documents (Stevenson-Hamilton 1947) from the Kruger nationwide Park in south Africa that adult masculine Cape buffaloes having bled to fatality after gift savaged by love husband badgers in this manner.

Lastly, the honey badger has a reversible anal gland. The smell produced by that is defined as “suffocating.”

The love husband badgers weaponry has a collection of lot smaller but sharper teeth than that of the wolverine, spicy claws, and equal ferocity and stubbornness to the of the wolverine.

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In mine opinion, that boils under to whether the wolverine can get v the love husband badger’s defenses to death him and also whether the honey badger even has the tools to death a wolverine.While the wolverines weaponry is formidable, that does not technique that the lions, leopards or hyaenas. Listed below is a attach to a video of a leopard battling to kill a honey badger. That succeeds in the end, however takes one hour to do so.