City and town are frequently used interchangeably, as space town and also village. However, over there are number of distinctions that make this 3 terms distinctive from one another.

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Whether you trying to describe the place you live or wondering what to speak to the fictional setup of her book, there’s a appropriate term for most settlements.

Learn the difference between cities, towns, and villages below, and see instances to aid you recognize their distinctions.

Village an interpretation and Examples

Let’s start with the smallest of the 3 terms. A village is a small community, or an incorporated minor municipality. The is smaller sized than a town and usually located in a countryside area.


The city of lock Combe, Wiltshire, England. Photograph courtesy of Saffron Blaze via Wikimedia Commons.

Examples the villages:

Collina, Friulli, ItalyRiquewihr, Alsace, FranceCastle Combe, Wiltshire, EnglandSaldanda, Nepal

Town an interpretation and Examples

Town defined by Merriam-Webster together “a compactly settled area usually bigger than a town but smaller than a city.”

That sounds pretty vague, but it’s vital to note that a city is distinguished by identified boundaries and a neighborhood government.

Keep in mental that just as there are differences in between British and American spelling, over there are likewise slight social differences roughly the world regarding just what constitutes a city or village.

However, friend can find some usual examples of communities below.


The town of Davos, Switzerland. Picture courtesy the Wikimedia Commons.

Examples the towns:

Reading, EnglandSkalica, SlovakiaDavos, SwitzerlandFátima, PortugalÇeşme, Turkey

City definition and Examples

According to Merriam-Webster, a city is taken into consideration “an occupied place of greater size, population, or prestige than a town or village.” Therefore, to know the range of a city, you’ll have to understand how the first two on this list space characterized.

In American English, city is defined as a municipality v its own neighborhood government, when the brothers specify even further that it is “created by charter and usually contains a cathedral.”


City that Paris, France. Picture courtesy the Jim Trodel via Flickr.

Examples of cities:

Rome, ItalyLos Angeles, CaliforniaParis, FranceHonolulu, HawaiiAlbany, brand-new York

Describe your Setting

Do friend live in a city, village, or town? i m sorry word ideal describes the places you check out or write about?

Learn the difference in between these 3 terms so friend can explain settings an ext accurately and with higher precision.

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