Astringent and also toner room both water-based cleansers to remove skin residue and also tighten pores, come be provided after washing and before moisturizing the skin. Toners carry out not contain alcohol, therefore toners room milder and also less irritating to the skin. This renders them a better choice because that dry or perceptible skin. Oily and combination skin could use either, yet an acne-prone skin have the right to benefit an ext from an astringent.

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Astringent versus Toner comparison chart
AstringentTonerWhat it is For skin form Typical ingredients How to usage Positive impacts Negative impacts
A water-based product provided to clean the challenge of oil and residue. A water-based product offered to cleanse, provide the skin an even tone and also remove residue.
Oily, acne-prone, combination Dry, sensitive, combination
Alcohol, salicylic acid, water, fragrance Witch hazel, humectants, water, fragrance
With a cottonball; after face-wash and before moisturizing With a cottonball; after ~ face-wash and also before moisturizing
Tingling feeling, short-term skin tightening, oil reduction, residue removal Refreshed feeling, temporary skin tightening, residue removal, rebalance skin mantle
Drying, pulled skin, can irritate Very mild, perhaps of no usage to some skin tones


The argued routine for both astringent and also toner is "wash, tone, moisturize." Both astringent and also toner are used with a cotton ball, and are expected to prepare the skin because that the moisturizer.

As astringents room alcohol based, they cause the skin to contract. Their everyday recommended use is greater for oilier skin. For oily skin, their suggested use is double daily, morning and also evening. For combination skin, they can be used alternative with toner or just on the oily areas. Astringents are usually recommended because that acne-prone skin.


Toners can also cause the skin to contract or tingle. They should be used twice, daily. Beauty suppliers manufacture toners specifically for perceptible skin, dried skin or combination skin.


Both toners and astringents eliminate residue and also tighten pores. Astringents constantly tingle and also leave the skin emotion taut. They remove oil. Toners sometimes tingle, yet they commonly feel refreshing. Both leaving the skin feeling smooth. Some toners space pH-balanced to return the skin to its basic after cleansing.

Because they room acidic, astringent have the right to strip the skin and leave it dry or irritated. Toners rarely have negative effects.

Typical Ingredients

Astringents frequently list a 2% salicylic mountain as an active ingredient. Water is practically always the an initial listed ingredient followed by isopropyl alcohol and also glycerin. Recipe may encompass natural astringents such as lemon balm, chamomile, peppermint, menthol or lavender.

Toners additionally typically list water together the first ingredient, occasionally specifying the it is deionized, purified or from a spring. Many list witch hazel together an ingredient and also fragrance. Part list alcohol, but it is typically in a type milder 보다 in astringent, such together denatured. Toners differ in their humectants, or moisture delivery ingredient. Part contain vital oils, vitamin E, aloe vera or various other plant extracts.


Astringent and also toner have the exact same history. They started out initially as eaus de toilette. In the at an early stage 20th century, beauticians arourted the services of utilizing skin tonic top top the face. Skin tonics come in different formulas and were treated likewise to medicine aids. For instance, a skin tonic could advertise that it not only firmed the skin but also whitened the skin and also even soothed the nerves. Skin tonics generally had alcohol, witch hazel and borax in their mix.Eventually buyers started to like the cooling and also tightening results in the tonics. So, manufacturers created an ext tonics through these effects. After ~ a while, they functioned as modern-day astringents. At the time, cold cream or hand soap was the technique of washing the face. These frequently left a residue, for this reason beauty manufacturers advertised astringents together a method to remove this residue. Astringents were additionally marketed to people with oily skin.

Eventually, manufacturers do too numerous claims about the medicinal capabilities that skin tonics and also astringents. The Food and Drug management disallowed the claims. Likewise, the term "astringent" began to be associated with harshness. As such many companies renamed your astringent "toner," for its suggest toning top quality on the skin. Now both astringents and toners space on the market. Astringents generally contain alcohol and also are marketed for oily or combination skin. Toners normally contain witch hazel and are marketed for dry, perceptible or mix skin.

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Estheticians, dermatologists and also consumers debate about the need of using astringents and toners. Estheticians are huge proponents, advising consumer on which type best suits their skin. Dermatologists typically deny the usefulness that astringents and toners, stating skin will go back to its natural pH balance there is no them.

Consumers are divided. Many human being swear by their favorite product while rather are an ext skeptical, wonder if they also do anything.

However, there"s a consensus on the opinion that making use of an alcohol-based product that"s also harsh ~ above the skin is eventually harmful.

Dr. Neal Schultz the DermTV addresses some of these inquiries raised by the necessity and effectiveness of these products:

Popular Brands

Some of the most famous brands for astringents, toners and also cleansers are Neutrogena, Biore, Clean & Clear, Olay and Boscia. You can buy this or browse many more brands in ~ the Amazon"s ideal Selling Astringent and also Toners.