My only experience with Chinese cuisine is the of the “Westernized” Chinese take-out variety, so my noodle knowledge is severely lacking. Imagine my surprised when, ~ above a organization trip come Beijing, i learned that Chinese noodles actually come in a variety of shapes and also sizes, all of them different from each other based on the ingredients offered in make them and the sort of recipes the they are regularly incorporated into.

Chow mein and also chow fun (or chow foon) room two that the most famous Chinese noodle dishes in the world. However, not a lot of of people know just how these two noodle formats differ native each other (probably because of the comparable names) and also what sort of noodles they’re an alleged to be.

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To put it simply, chow mein is made the end of thin rounded egg noodles the are regularly used row fried till crispy. Chow fun, on the various other hand, are additionally commonly offered stir fried in a many dishes, but are made out of the rice noodles that room flatter and wider than continual egg noodles. The texture is chewier and more slippery 보다 egg noodles too.

But the differences does not lie in the shape of the noodles as well as the ingredient indigenous which castle are mostly made from. Below are other fun facts about these 2 yummy noodle dishes.

What is Chow Mein

Some world mistakenly think that chow mein source from America- in pretty much the same means that the California roll is no from Japanese cuisine, however American (since the was developed in the US). But chow mein is authentically Chinese. The surname itself is obtained from the Taishanese indigenous “chau meing.” The food was created by human being in a city referred to as Taisha which is situated near the Pearl flow delta.

Chow mein is made out of egg, wheat flour, and water. Among all Chinese noodles, this is the one that has actually been may be to pass through the an international food sector on a wide scale. It’s the kind of noodles the most human being are familiar with. They are shaped quite similar to spaghetti, however are thinner and also sometimes, longer.

What is Chow Fun?


Chow fun source from a subdistrict the Guangzhou called Shahe (the noodles is likewise alternatively called as Shahe Fun). While chow mein is well-known in northern China, chow fun is more dominant in the south. This kind of noodles has additionally spread come south east Asia, and has been included into the cooking of countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and also Indonsia.

As previously mentioned, chow funny is made the end of rice flour. The noodles’ shape is flat and also broad. As soon as buying chow funny in the market, you have the right to choose between two varieties: fresh or dried. You can use fresh chow funny noodles immediately, but dried chow fun demands to it is in soaked very first before you deserve to stir fry it.

What is Chow Mein Fun?

This is something the you would normally see in the menus that Westernized Chinese restaurants, and also it’s actually sort of a misnomer. What they’re typically serving is a lo mein, which offers the very same kind that noodles as chow mein, albeit boiled fairly than row fried.

Chicken Chow Mein fun Recipe

*Noodles (mein or fun, relies on your preference)

*Garlic, chopped

*Ginger, chopped

*Three tablespoons soy sauce

*Veggies (e.g. Julienned carrots, broccoli, bell pepper, etcetera)

*Two tablespoons oyster sauce

*A dash of sesame oil


*Light and dark soybean beans sauce, diluted v a little of water

*Chicken breast, cut into tiny pieces

*Chicken bouillon powder, fifty percent tablespoon

chef the noodles in a pot of boil water until al dente. Once cooked, emboldened the bottom the the pot in cold water to avoid the noodles from food preparation further. If you’re utilizing fresh chow fun, friend don’t should do this step. If using the dried variety, you must soak it very first until soft. warm some oil in a wok and also stir fry the chicken, together with the rest of the garlic and also ginger. When the chicken has been cooked, add the veggies, and stir fry for around three to four minutes. include the egg noodles right into the wok and also stir fried food for another pair of minutes. You can put the remainder of the seasonings in.

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Change the amounts if needed. Serve the dish hot.