Although Easter and also Passover room both divine holidays and occur in Spring, they room not the same. There are similarities like exactly how you check out Jesus in “The last Supper” by Leonadro Da Vinci having actually a Seder dinner, yet the 2 are really different. The straightforward to follow infographic below is a perfect means to learn or teach how they room related, why they are different and it makes a an excellent printable because that a classroom at your neighborhood place of praise or a spiritual studies course.

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Are Easter and Passover The Same?

Although both are important holidays and celebrations, they room not the same. Right here are the similarities and also differences between Passover and Easter.

What is Easter?

Easter – (ee-ster) noun – A Christian vacation commemorating the resurrection the Jesus Christ. In contemporary times that is commemorated by attending church, having actually a dinner through family and also friends and participating in festive traditions like coloring hard boiled eggs and hiding plastic persons filled through candy or surprises.

What is Passover?

Passover (pass-oh-ver) noun – A Jewish holiday that remembers the exodus the the old Hebrew human being from Egypt. That is commemorated by having actually a meal whereby families and also friends that the family will read scripture while drinking 4 glasses of wine and eating foods items that represent the exodus indigenous slavery.

The Similarities in between Easter and also Passover Include:

Seder dinners:Jewish world eat a Seder dinnerIn The last Supper you watch Jesus eat a Seder dinnerJudiasm:Passover is a Jewish holiday Jesus to be JewishBoth take location in SpringBoth have necessary dinners wherein you gather through familyBoth usage Eggs as classic symbolsJudiasm – eggs represent rebirthChristianity – eggs symbolize Jesus’s tomb; once colored they was standing for the resurrectionBoth have sweet foods, but they represent different thingsJudiasm – represents mortar native the bricks used to develop Pharoh’s templeChristianity – sweets and candies are consumed to celebrate Jesus’s resurrection

The Differences between Easter and Passover Include:

Even though they occur approximately the exact same time, lock are commemorated with family and close friends, and they indicate a dinner, lock are really different. Below are few of the differences between these Jewish and also Christian holidays.

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The factors for celebratingJewish world celebrate gift freed native slaveryChristians storage Jesus resurrecting and atoning for their sinsWhat each vacation celebratesJewish people gather come remember difficult times and celebrate freedomChristians gather to storage a miracleWhen castle occurPassover is set on the 14th the Nissan ~ above the lunar calendarEaster is based on the march equinox and changes top top the solar calendarWho is the emphasis of the celebrationMoses is the main person linked remembered on PassoverEaster celebrate JesusBoth have various lengthsPassover is 7 – 8 nightsEaster is 1 night

At a very first glance you may assume the these holidays are an extremely similar, however when you break it under to how and also why they room celebrated, you’ll see that they are very different. If you discovered this info helpful, feel free to share it on your favorite society media channel making use of the choices below. You can additionally use our services to send Easter gifts to and also from much more than 200 countries approximately the world.