Salami might be just a form of sausage, but it is in reality a very versatile product. It deserve to be a pizza topping, paired v wine and also cheese, blended with various other ingredients to do a sandwich filling, or eaten as a an easy appetizer. If you are a salami fan, or have bought salami before, you space probably conscious that there is not just one form of salami. There are many varieties of salami, but the 2 most common are Genoa salami and also hard salami. Are they the same? Well, both space delicious and also they practically look the same, but they space different. The between the two will be disputed in this article.

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Genoa SalamiHard Salami
Originated in Genoa, ItalyOriginated in main Europe
Mainly has pork however may additionally contain beef; greater fat contentMainly has beef however may additionally contain pork
Seasoned through spices, herbs, peppercorns, and also wineNot seasoned through peppercorns
Undergoes a curing processCured, dried, climate smoked
Has a greasy and also fermented taste; soft textureDarker in color; firmer, dry and also coarse texture



Genoa salami is named after a ar in Italy – Genoa – whereby it originated. In Genoa, the was much easier to advanced pigs 보다 cattle because of the absence of plains, so most Genoese foods function pork as the key ingredient.

Because Genoa salami mainly consists of pork (although little amounts of beef might be additionally be added), it has a high level of fat and is really greasy. Prior to it goes v curing, herbs, peppercorns, wine, garlic and also salt are included to it for flavor. It has actually a reasonably soft and also fermented taste since of the wine added to that in the process.

On the other hand, hard salami is believed to have originated in central Europe. It is made mostly from beef but may likewise contain pork, so it is a tiny bit darker 보다 most types of sausages. Other ingredients favor herbs, spices and salt room added. As well as being cured and also dried, hard salami also undergoes a cigarette smoking process.

Hard salami, as the surname suggests, is remarkable harder or firmer than other sausages. It additionally has a coarse and dry texture.

Genoa vs tough Salami

What, then, is the in between Genoa and also hard salami?

Although both sausages may contain a combination of beef and also pork, Genoa is mainly made from pork while tough salami is largely made indigenous beef. Other ingredients like spices, herbs, peppercorns, and also wine are included to Genoa salami however hard salami is not seasoned with peppercorns. Additionally, Genoa has a higher fat contents than hard salami. Both species of salami go through a curing process. However, only difficult salami undergoes smoking.

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When it comes to color, texture and also taste, difficult salami is darker and firmer than Genoa. Due to the fact that it has wine, Genoa salami has actually a fermented taste and also a greasy and also softer texture while difficult salami has actually a dry and also coarse texture. In regards to origin, Genoa source in Genoa, Italy while difficult salami originated in central Europe.

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