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Plasticsthat room both solid and lightweight boost the safety, performance, andconvenience the a wide selection of commodities that we all usage every single day.Plastics consist largely of macromolecules that are processed into molded parts,films, fibers, or finished/semi-finished products. The details characteristicsof just about any plastic materials can be further readjusted with special additivesand coatings.

Whenselecting a plastic for your application you will want to look very closely at itstechnical properties, points such as:


Plasticsare classified right into three categories according to their physicalproperties:



Thermoplasticmaterial (or thermosoftening plastic) is a kind of plastic polymer product (orplastomer) that becomes pliable at elevated temperatures and also becomes much less soonce it has cooled. The name originates from thermo which method warm or hot, and“plast” which originates from the ancient Greek native plássein which means to form ormold. Thermoplastic materials can withstand very high temperatures so the heatrequired because that melt processing should be also higher. Unequal thermosets, thermoplasticmaterials have the right to be molded as frequently as is preferred by cooling and reheating it, aslong together the material is not overheated. Overheating reasons the material todecompose. One more interesting home of thermoplastics that is unique tothis category is that part thermoplastics have the right to actually be welded.


Thermosetsareplastics the retain your condition and shape after ~ curing due to spatialcrosslinking. Once cured, their polymers have the right to no longer be dissolved. This typeof plastic is popular in electric installations as result of its mechanically andchemical resistance, even at high temperatures. Popular thermosets includephenoplastics, essentially all synthetic resins (such together epoxy resins),polyurethane resins for paints and surface coatings, and also polyester.

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What is thedifference betweenthermoplasticsandthermosetsin themanufacturing process?

Thermoplastics Thermosets
No chemical curing reaction chemistry curing reaction
High viscosity short viscosity
complicated fiber impregnation an excellent fiber impregnation
Conditionally solvent resistant High solvent resistance
Short process times Medium-to-long process times
endless shelf or warehouse life limited shelf or warehouse life
products are weldable High fixture effort
High energy absorption in case of damages Brittle fracture habits in situation of damages
great recycling properties limited recycling properties


Elastomers(or “elastic polymers”) are polymers the are organized together through weakintermolecular forces, typically exhibiting low Young’s modulus and high yieldstrength or high failure strain. They are additionally viscous and also elastic, aproperty well-known as viscoelasticity. These plastics have unique properties thatallow them come deform or big under too much tensile and compressive lots thenreturn to their initial shape. Instances of elastomers encompass natural rubber,polyurethanes, polybutadieve, silicone, and also neoprene. This type of plastic ispopular as product for tires, rubber bands, infant pacifiers, belts,prosthetics, and other items of this nature.

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