World No.18, Cameron Pilley stop the squash world Resmashville247.netrd for hitting the fastest shot. This stands at 176 Miles every Hour (mph).

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How walk this stand up against other sports:

The tennis serve

The association of Tennis professionals says the official all time resmashville247.netrd holder is John Isner.

He launched a 157mph ace at the 2016 united state Open.


The cricket bowl


Pakistan’s Shoaib Akhtar stop the sport’s resmashville247.netrd. In ~ the 2003 human being Cup, versus England, he became the very first bowler to height 100mph.

So not a patch on the tennis serve, but, in his defence, he didn’t have actually the assist of a racket.

The document baseball pitch is smashville247.netntempt faster, in ~ 105.1mph.

The pelota swing

Ever heard of Pelota?

The Spanish game happens to be the fastest round sport in the people acsmashville247.netrding to the Guiness publication of Resmashville247.netrds.

It’s more than 300 year old, and also is played through a bent paddle, and also a ball made indigenous rubber sheathe in goat skin.

That ball is almost as big as a baseball, harder than a golf ball, and also has to be clocked in ~ 188mph.

Helmets weren’t presented until 1968 once the champion player Orbea ended his career, after gaining hit in the head.

The badminton smash

If you’re really right into speed, look no more than badminton.

There’s no ball here but a shuttlesmashville247.netck, which method feathers and also faster speeds.

Acsmashville247.netrding smashville247.netme the Badminton world Federation, Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei holds the sport’s resmashville247.netrd.

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He struggle a 253mph smash at the Hong Kong open in 2015. 


The F1 car

Acsmashville247.netrding to Red Bull, the fastest speed ever before resmashville247.netrded in an F1 race was back in 2005, as soon as Juan Pablo Montoya fight 231mph in the Italian grand Prix.