Pediophobia is the unwarranted, irrational and persistent are afraid or problem of dolls. The is a details phobia belonging come the category of ‘automatonphobia’. This is a form of phobia where the separation, personal, instance is fear of all humanoid or “human-like-but-not-quite” objects consisting of mannequins, marionettes, ventriloquist’s dummies, wax figures, animatrix or robotic figures etc. Words Pediophobia originates from ‘Paidion’ which method ‘little child’ in Greek and ‘Phobos’ definition fear or deep dread. Countless adult sufferers of Pediophobia are likewise known to fear tiny children.

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Some Pediophobes space afraid of all kinds of dolls while others are known to be fear of only particular kinds favor the talking/walking dolls, Chinese porcelain dolls, stuffed dolls etc.

Dolls are, in reality, children playthings. Small girls are especially known to love dolls and also pretend play v them i m sorry can help in fostering imagination and also creativity. Naturally, that is a matter of great worry because that parents when their tiny daughter starts screaming at the vision of dolls. While most childhood situations of Pediophobia disappear as soon as the child has actually grown, in some situations though, this fear can persist even in adulthood.

Causes that Pediophobia or are afraid of dolls

Like any kind of other phobia, Pediophobia is additionally possibly prompted by one intensely an unfavorable or traumatic event in one’s past/childhood the is remotely linked to dolls. The young mind climate forever associates dolls v the trauma and recalls the an unfavorable feelings skilled then.

Dolls, especially voodoo dolls are linked with witch craft. Burn voodoo dolls to carry misfortune come an individual was a usual practice in the past. To an individual currently suffering from nervous or stress disorders, all dolls stand for evil.

Dolls have fixed staring eyes. Part dolls additionally have switch eyes that show up “soulless pools devoid of any kind of emotion akin to those that a corpse”. This have the right to make younger kids especially fear of them.

Dolls have been displayed in a an adverse light in popular music culture. Many horror movies (Chucky in child’s Play) and novels (Althea, stone Dead etc) have depicted dolls together evil or villainous characters that pertained to life to cause harm to humans. This have the right to induce are afraid in young or overly-nervous minds.

Mischievous older siblings or friends etc can also unknowingly instill a fear of dolls in the psychic of younger youngsters by telling stories the dolls coming to life in ~ night.

Symptoms of Pediophobia

Whatever the cause of are afraid of dolls phobia, there can be extreme emotional upheaval and also turmoil in the psychic of the sufferer. Some civilization might suffer a complete blown panic strike upon sighting a doll. Still rather live in constant fear of dolls. The complying with physical and also psychological symptoms might be current in the phobic:

Rapid breathingElevated heartbeatDry mouth. Feeling choose being choked to deathShivering, tremblingFreezing on the spotCrying, screaming, trying to flee etc.

Some phobics suffer a complete blown anxiety assault in the visibility of dolls including store mannequins. This can be rather embarrassing as well as debilitating sufficient to influence normal work of the individual.

Treating and also overcoming the are afraid of dolls

Hypnosis and desensitization therapies room the two most popular ways of overcoming the are afraid of dolls phobia.

Desensitization or steady exposure therapy is composed of gradually exposing the phobic to dolls. Castle can begin by looking at photographs of dolls, reading books or city hall movies around dolls etc until they room able to stay calm in the visibility of dolls without having an anxiety attack. This is commonly done in the visibility of a therapist or deserve to be done at house with the help of nearby friends and loved ones.

Hypnosis, Cognitive behavior therapy and also behavior therapy additionally aim to reprogram the Pediophobic to aid him/her rationalize fearful thoughts around dolls and readjust them right into positive ones.

These space a couple of ways of overcoming Pediophobia or the fear of dolls.

When ns was about 5 years old around Halloween mine mom gained this Chucky mask, hair, scars, eye everything and also I to be terrified the it, just seeing it sitting on the table would certainly make me scream and also cry therefore my mom thought the she could help me gain over the fear by putting the mask on me, even though i was screaming and crying she persisted, lengthy story brief that did not assist my fear. Ever due to the fact that then I have been terrified that dolls/stuffed animals, as soon as I to be 8 I had actually this doll the my grandma gained for me that taken place to look prefer this doll that remained in an illustration of the haunting hour, as soon as I observed the illustration it’s prefer it do it all 10 time worse, ns couldn’t sleep in the very same room as the doll, it had to be locked in the closet by my dad and after some time ns made my dad walk take it come the dump and even after ns was terrified it would come earlier and death me. Any type of dolls I ever got i feared they to be gonna some how murder me, I offered to not even be able to say words “doll” or also talk about them. Ns would have actually nightmares every night. I’m currently 16 and I recognize this all sounds irrational but I still have the are afraid that if ns am left alone through a doll or stuffed pet or if that dark and I’m approximately one or even if it’s just in my house, that it will come and also kill me.

When ns was a little boy, exact age is daunting to recall, me, my Dad, and stepmother went to buy a gift for my uncle’s birthday. They want to acquire him a gag gift therefore we checked out Spencer’s which is a punk/rock store at the mall. At this time I’m assuming the Bride that Chucky, the 4th film the the series, was recently released. I assume this because inside there were chucky and also Tiffany dolls hanging native a rafter for purchase. The second I experienced them i was soon terrified and also refused to also walk down the aisle that the store. Keep in mind ns was young probably less than 10. My stepmother realized that ns was fear of the doll and pointed it out to mine Dad. My Dad then proceeded to purchase the doll in front of me together I cried hysterically. If friend did not understand in bride that chucky, chucky’s face is extremely cut up and fleshy and stitched together. Once we left the store and also got to the auto my Dad forced me to hold the doll and stare at it the whole way home. While i was crying out of fear and terror he continued to mock me and call me a baby as I was terrified. He continued to do me do things like bite the dolls hand to prove that he couldn’t feel the pain. The poked me through the toy plastic knife to display that it couldn’t hurt me. He maintained telling me that he would certainly make me sleep with the doll. As soon as we obtained home the did miscellaneous worse. Instead of forcing me to sleep with it. The stood the doll top top the kitchen counter. Which I could see from mine bed if the door was open. When the lights were off I could see the silhouette that the doll in the dark. The following morning (after i barely got any sleep) my dad made me seize the doll and bring it come him. He stated he only wanted to assist me get over the fear. He claimed he eliminated the doll the day. End the years i remember periodically trying to find the doll. Because I didn’t believe a word my Dad said. Ns never uncovered it. Yet that fear was still there. And also then there room a couple of times wherein my family members teased and also prodded in ~ me with pictures of chucky or various other things favor that. Quick forward, I’m nearly 18 year old. I hate dolls, I’ve constantly hated them. Yet recently i have taken an attention in children play. In mine head i think the if I pressure myself to prefer it i won’t be fear anymore. Ns was wrong. Newly I’ve to be so paranoid, top top edge, and anxious. I’m always looking over my shoulder. Occasionally I can’t even sleep at night due to the fact that I feel like I’m gift watched by chucky. I recently had one the the worst nightmares I’ve ever had in mine life. I was in a house, and there was this continuous distant tapping, together if something steel was clanking versus an object. That was totally dark. And I’m sure few of you have had these dreams prior to where you recognize what is in the dream. Ns knew chucky remained in the dream. To my left there was a stairway that caused the former door. I began climbing those stairs. Over there was every one of a suddenly a chair in mine way. Filled through anxiety and fear i threw to the floor below. Together I to be going to open up the door i heard these ear piercing noises. All of a suddenly a living furry thing jumping into my hands. Ns was totally frozen in mine dream and unable come move since I to be so caught off security (I are afraid loud and also obscure noises together well) together I was frozen in fear trying to thrown everything was in my hand down and also run the end of the front door ns hear footsteps comes up the stairs. And of food it was a live chucky doll that ran increase the stairs and also sprinted behind me so i couldn’t see. The 2nd that taken place I bolted awake. Ever because then I’ve to be researching childhood trauma. And also as because that my Dad, he is apologized because that what he did and also explained that he no know how to take care of the situation and that he knows it wasn’t right. If I recognize that he means it, that doesn’t average what taken place left. I’m sorry for the lengthy post. I just had a lot come say and needed to get it out there.

My granddaughter incorrectly left a doll in ~ our house. This walk not turn out well. Mine wife finished up decapitating it and also throwing the in the trash. She will certainly not clock Antique road Show due to the fact that of the dolls.

I’m the exact same way. Ns freeze as soon as I watch one, and I start having actually a panic strike immediately. I can’t not look in ~ a doll without feeling prefer it’ll sneak increase behind me and harm me in part way.

I have had a fear of walking/talking dolls because that as long as I could remember. Ns dont know exactly how I can handle them when I was tiny and i actually now cant believe I played with them. Ns cant eat or drink near them and when my dad found of of them in the attic one day and came closer to me with it ns ran outside to the car crying my eyes out. This wasnt lengthy ago.

Extending come this, ns cant eat as soon as I recognize that this dolls have actually these features, and also only get scared when the dolls are turned on. If ns dont know, then I will certainly be ok.

I’ve had a fear of dolls since I was a toddler. I am now 20 and also not much has actually changed. My fear comes to all species of dolls and it’s tough to be about them without feeling uncomfortable. The hardest part is that i cannot eat as soon as a doll is in the exact same room together me. I remember once I was a boy my cousins would always tease me around it. In some situations they would certainly chase me through dolls come the suggest where I would cry. This would proceed throughout my life and also at the age of 11 I stopped telling people. I mainly feared the ridicule and also sometimes I would go totality days without eating once visiting family, I just wanted the teasing come stop. In mine highschool and college years however, it hasn’t been an issue. Most of mine female friends and also peers prospered out the dolls, yet the are afraid still persists. I’ve been doing my best in the past year to obtain over this fear and for the most part I’m in a far better spot. The only varieties of dolls I’m fear of now are porcelain dolls and baby dolls. I still can’t eat when dolls room around, however I have the right to at least be roughly them without being afraid.

It’s comforting come hear the there space others the end there through a comparable phobia together me. I hope my short an overview of a story helps!

My parental don’t think I’m together terrified as I do it sound like, but I’m absolutely no exaggerating when I’m speak that ns can’t was standing dolls. Favor at all!

My fear hasn’t constantly been there and also I’m 16 by the moment I’m creating this but I don’t expect this will certainly wear off. I’ve had actually a pair of memorable encounters through dolls. On 2 of the encounters ns was in reality on the phone with my girlfriend. I will certainly take both these in an ext detail.

First one remained in my basement at home. It to be 23 o’clock and my mother and also her man had gone to bed already. I had recently come residence from my grandparents house. I had actually unpacked mine bag and decided to put it in the warehouse room to rid it from my floor. As soon as I opened the storage room I witnessed it sit there, staring at me from a shelf. I went quiet as a rock. Can not to speak or scream (as in among those nightmares), ns felt together being choked and stumbled back into ours laundry. Fortunately my girlfriend was there and also hearing she voice and knowing that she’d be over there to hear whatever that happened aided me to calm down. After ~ calming under I still didn’t recognize what to do. It to be crawling in mine skin together my hand came even near the thing. I honestly don’t know just how I managed however it’s now tucked in nicely in an unused guestroom in ours basement. The still doesn’t meet me though. I’m having actually a difficult time sleeping once it’s in the house. Yet ns can’t eliminate it since I’m serious afraid the I will certainly upset it and also make that haunt me.

The other encounter was as soon as I was home alone in ~ 1 – 2am. I was about to change the sand in mine cat’s toilet. Her toilet is ofcourse unique placed between the door to our warehouse room and also our laundry. I forgot to say the the storage room and also laundry is in ~ the end of a long corridor and also there’s is a door that leads to the end backyard alongside the door come the storage. However when ns reach she toilet i look about me (as any type of normal human being would when it’s dark) assumption: v what ns see… a creepy, worn, blonde small doll, the dimension of a actual baby. It to be my mom’s and she used to love it. She had actually put that on peak of the laundry together some sort of joke! i was on the phone through my girlfriend this time too. However this time i wasn’t quiet. Ns went native talking around everyday-stuff to crying and making low screams. I thrust myself up versus the door come our backyard so the I’d have an introduction over everything. Ns remember reasoning that I would certainly die ideal there (Like when you panicked under water and also thought the it to be the end). Fortunately, even here, my girlfriend was there to patience me down. That doll is now additionally tucked in nicely in a bed in our guestroom.

It open minded feel together though one of the dolls is around to open up my bedroom door as I’m composing this.

Pray because that me.

I have this phobia around the china porcelain dolls, those who have actually white face, striking eyes and bloody red lips. At any time i check out them also just a glimpse, goosebumps every over. Ns even try to look at them much longer to check out if I have the right to lessen my fears, however unfortunately the doesn’t. I always imagine castle crawling increase in the wall and ceiling stop a knife or something. It really freaks me out. One time, me and also my friend were eat dinner in ~ a Japanese restaurant. Together walking over and also looking for some nice food, in ~ the dessert area, more than 5 china dolls were there staring in ~ me. I froze. Tried no to scream. Ns hurriedly walked earlier to our table. Ns was trembling, breath heavily and also i felt favor the place was swirling prefer crazy. Mine boyfriend assisted me to calm down. I freaking really hate that feeling. I believed i was going come collapse. Worst.

I to be a mother of a 9 year old child that is terrified the dolls. Ns don’t know how it started however it has been this way since that was practically an infant. If he has any knowledge that a doll is in that room he will certainly not go in there also if you put it in the closet that refuses to go in there. Simply wondering if any type of of friend adults have actually suggestions because that him or me on just how to gain over this fear I would love it.

It’s weird analysis the an interpretation of this because I hate, dislike porcelain dolls yet I don’t mental kids. Mine mother had a doll on peak of her publication shelf in her room and also my older sibling locked me in over there whenever babysitting so i wouldn’t check out the rated R movies being watched. I constantly felt prefer it was moving, further and also further towards me as soon as I wasn’t looking. Didn’t assist it fell down in my general direction.. Haven’t been alone with a doll since.

Wow its nice to know that i am no the only one. I am now 28 years old. I have partially conditioned myself. As much as I have the right to be in the very same room as dolls I have the right to touch them. However I honestly still feeling uneasy about them. This phobia has been because a child. In ~ one point when ns was younger I had them played through them. But then sooner or later I woke up terrified. Ns honestly don’t understand what happened. Unfortunately as soon as family discovered out they torture me. One day my cousin also bought one come school and chased me around the yard. Mine cousins additionally made a fort for me to walk under covered it v blankets and then once I remained in the middle uncovered it and also trapped me in. I virtually died. Every one of these events make me really want to understand why the are afraid runs so deep. No one yes, really knows. Yet I think the trauma of teasing do it even worse. Currently that i have discovered Jesus Christ. This has actually helped me with all of my fears. :)

I’m a 46 year old man, 6′ 3″ tall, 200 lbs and while ns am no terrified like most of friend guys, my love goes out to you. Dolls do yet really creep me the end a lot. Mine aunt used to have this Barbie held on her wall surface with furious hair she called Dolly after ~ Dolly Parton, it fear me so bad as a kid reason her house was already haunted and creepy. As for dummies they simply creep me the end side the the realism yet are not alive in ~ the exact same time. Favor I said I’m not terrified simply really creeped out, exact same for clowns too. An excellent luck to you all on this really real fear.

I additionally have a fear of dolls. Ns actually had actually a panic attack last night since I was watching a creepy doll video clip at 3:00 am. Yeah, i know. Poor idea. One of them in details gave me a scare attack. It had actually spiked teeth, white face, fully black eyes and black spiked hair. I had actually a complete blown scare attack. Mine heart was pounding, i was breath fast and also heavy, I even started come cry a little. It’s candid a small embarrassing. Ns am one 18 year old and also I’m scared of dolls. Yet I’m happy to understand I’m not the just one. :/

I have had actually a are afraid of dolls since I was three specifically if the head came off or eight or legs, and all I could see to be the holes. And additionally if the eyes come out and that cold plastic i would get hysterical. And also would be physically sick.

I don’t have actually a fear of dolls yet my girlfriend does and also I to be wondering how to fix it since I collect creepy and also somewhat normal dolls and also she won’t remain nowhere close to my bedroom.

I didn’t yes, really mind dolls, until among my friends showed me the trailer for ‘Annabelle’, which yes, really scared me. Now, occasionally when i am alone and in finish darkness, I gain scared that Annabelle might be right alongside me and also I would never know.

I remember the department keep mannequins offered to creep me out! I saw somebody acquisition one apart once when ns was young. I deserve to understand why you can be uncomfortable roughly them.

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I have actually pediophobia, ns remember gift terrified that dolls since I to be little. Mine aunt and also mom offered to run roughly the house with them and I would certainly curl increase in a ball, crying and also screaming. No one ever construed why I would certainly be so fear of them, initially I to be teased because of it. My fear of dolls have because remained through me, but it’s for details dolls now. Ns cannot it is in in a room alone with one or have actually it touch me still. I’ve tried to condition myself however I simply can’t, that becomes as well much. For a lengthy time, I thought this irrational fear made me a freak. It’s quite to recognize other people have the very same phobia, the I’m no alone.

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