The word "polyhedron" originates from two Greek words, poly meaning many, and also hedron referring to surface.

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The polyhedrons are identified by the variety of faces it has.


An instance of a polyhedron

Parts the a polyhedron

Every polyhedron has three parts:

Face: the level surfaces that consist of a polyhedron are called its faces. These faces are regular polygons.Edge: the regions where the two level surfaces satisfy to form a heat segment are well-known as the edges.Vertex: it is the suggest of intersection the the edges of the polyhedron. A crest is additionally known together the edge of a polyhedron. The plural of vertex is dubbed vertices.


The name of the polyhedrons are acquired from the number of faces castle have:


No. The faces


A polyhedron v 4 faces.


A polyhedron v 5 faces.


A polyhedron with 6 faces.


A polyhedron v 7 faces.


A polyhedron through 8 faces.


A polyhedron through 9 faces.


A polyhedron through 10 faces

Types the polyhedron


Regular Polyhedron

A constant polyhedron is consisted of of consistent polygons. Such solids are also known as ‘platonic solids’

Irregular polyhedron

An rarely often, rarely polyhedron is formed by polygons of different shapes wherein all the components are no the same. This means that every the political parties of an rarely often, rarely polyhedron room not equal.

Some that the constant polygons are described in the table below:

Polyhedrons in day-to-day life



Houses/Buildings: many of the houses approximately us space polyhedrons together they space made of level surfaces.


A prism: A prism is do of 3 rectangles joined in addition to triangular bases


A football or a soccer ball


Pyramids: A polyhedron with four sides is a tetrahedron and is also called a pyramid.


Fun facts around a polyhedron

If we know around the variety of faces and the vertex of a polyhedron, the variety of edges can be calculated using the ‘polyhedron formula’ or ‘Euler’s formula’.

F + V = E + 2

where F, V, and also E to represent the number of faces, edges and vertices that the polyhedron respectively.

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