Diary the a Wimpy Kid, a reality fiction novel, humorously explains the troubles of gift in center school and also trying to fit in with combined text and also drawings. This is the first book in the immensely renowned Diary of a Wimpy boy series.






Brief Diary of a Wimpy kid Summary

Greg Heffley relays his thoughts and experiences with his “diary”, i beg your pardon he defines from the very beginning is an alleged to it is in a journal - carrying roughly a diary is simply asking to obtain beat up. Greg introduce his parents, his younger brother Manny, that is treated prefer a prince, and his typical older brother, Rodrick. Greg additionally describes his friendship through his nerdy and also socially clueless girlfriend Rowley.

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Greg tries countless ploys to boost his popularity, consisting of running for course treasurer, lifting weights come be better at wrestling, acquisition up a project as safety Patrol, and also pretending to have actually an epidemic in his hand. Each attempt is a humorous failure, return Greg doesn’t seem come realize wherein he walk wrong.

Greg ultimately has a falling-out v Rowley; Greg torments the kindergartners v worms and lets Rowley take it the fall. Greg attempts to befriend Rowley again without a thank you apology and Rowley move on, hanging out v a new friend and also leaving Greg to hang out v Fregley, a strange classmate.

Rowley gains popularity through his “Zoo-Wee Mama” comics and also Greg feels favor he is owed some of the recognition. Greg philosophies him ~ school and some bystanders encourage them come fight. Before either among the boys do a move, teenagers arrive and force Rowley come eat The Cheese: a part of cheese that has been sitting on the blacktop because that months. Rowley may have actually been the one to eat The Cheese, but Greg suffers from The Cheese Touch.

Essential inquiries for Diary that a Wimpy Kid

Explain the effectiveness of the drawings throughout the novel.Is Greg Heffley a realistic character? Why or why not?Is Greg a an excellent friend? Why or why not?
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