I was wondering if over there is a indigenous or phrase for the central part that the fruit that you eat. Girlfriend don"t eat the main point of the apple. And you eat the centers the bananas and oranges but not the peel. Ns tried Googling and also searching top top this site but to no avail.

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Anatomically, many fruits covers two primary layers: the pericarp and the seed. The pericarp is tissue that derives directly from ovary of a flower. It consists of 3 sub-layers:

Epicarp: the outermost class of a fruit; creates a tougher "skin" roughly the fruitMesocarp: the center layer the a fruit, found between the epicarp and also the endocarp; commonly (but no always) the fleshy component that is consumedEndocarp: the inner class of a fruit that straight surrounds the seeds

Additionally, accessory fruits have fleshy organization not derived from the ovary yet from other parts the a flower.

Source: Wikipedia, "Fruit Anatomy"

Depending top top the type of fruit, different layers may be physical "fleshy" and also eaten. Here are some basic guidelines:


To numerous people, it"s called "the pit" or "seed" that the fruit. A facility object the you would throw away and not eat. The actual term of the facility would be known as the "Drupe".

Sources: Wikipedia, Drupe and also Difference in between Seeds and also Pits



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What is words for the edible component of a fruit with rind (e.g., lemon, orange, avocado, watermelon)?

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