Saying goodbye in Italian is something you require to learn in order to understand the language.

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You can use different phrases for various situations and it’s important to know when you have the right to use a formal or unshened goodbye.

Here’s how!

How come say goodbye in Italian

Greetings different from culture to society and from situation to situation.

So, what space the common ways to to speak goodbye in Italian?

In general, besides ‘arrivederci,’ you have probably heard phrases prefer ‘arrivederla’ which is a officially goodbye, and also it means ‘until following time,’ or ‘alla prossima,’ which deserve to be offered as a casual goodbye.

Goodbye in Italian: Arrivederci

Arrivederci is a common method to say goodbye in Italy.

It deserve to be provided in any informal situation and it’s a good way to end the conversation with your friends.

It literally means ‘until we check out each various other again,’ directly implying that you will accomplish again.

It’s largely a regime greeting and you will hear it practically everywhere. If you in a formal environment though, friend will want to usage ‘arrivederla.’


A Domani!

‘A domani’ method ‘see you tomorrow.’

You can use it as soon as you’re leaving the office, or as soon as you’re saying goodbye to the barista after you acquire your coffee.

It’s merely implying that the same regimen will occur again.

A Presto!

This goodbye way ‘see friend soon.’

You have the right to use it when you space leaving a friend’s residence or once you run right into your co-worker on the street.

The warmth of this greeting is contextual: it have the right to be matter-of-fact or not.

If you space leaving human being you care about, the weight of the implied hope of meeting again relies on the mutual affection, however certainly expect colors it.


Ci Vediamo Presto!

‘Ci vediamo presto’ method ‘we’ll satisfy each other again.’

Use it when you recognize you space going to see the other person again, or once you expect you will.

You can likewise use ‘ci sentiamo presto,’ which way ‘we’ll hear native each other again,’ or ‘a risentirci presto,’ an interpretation ‘talk soon.’

The last ones can be properly used in a phone call conversation.

Alla Prossima!

Meaning ‘until next time,’ or ‘to the following time,’ it have the right to be supplied when you space looking forward to the next meeting friend will have with the person, nevertheless of as soon as that may be.

You can use this greeting through friends and acquaintances and also it leaves the future unknown.

You might not it is in sure as soon as you’ll accomplish again, yet you are sure girlfriend will.


‘Buonanotte’ simply method ‘good night.’ it’s a good phrase to use before you are going to bed.

If she leaving a conversation at an early stage though, and it’s intended to resume in the morning, you have the right to say ‘buona serata,’ together a ‘good evening.’

Torna Presto!

This goodbye literally means ‘come earlier soon.’

You might use the from friends and acquaintances girlfriend made in your pilgrimage to Italy or as soon as you’re leaving a coffee shop.

There is additionally ‘torna presto a trovarci’ which method ‘come visit us again soon.’


Buon Viaggio!

You have the right to use this expression whenever someone is leave on a trip.

It way ‘have a quite trip,’ and also you’re wishing the upon them.

You might hear it when you tell her Italian friends the you room going ago home.

You can also use one of these:

Buon lavoro – good luck with your workBuona giornata – have a great dayBuona serata – have actually a great eveningBuon divertimento – have a good timeBuon rientro – have actually a safe return

Buon Proseguimento

When you’re speak ‘buon proseguimento,’ you’re speak ‘good pursuits.’

The phrase is a wish because that you to reap the rest of everything you to be doing once the conversation with your bold started, be it resuming a trip, or proceeding a walk, or proceeding a visit v someone.

You might hear it after someone involves talk to you as soon as you’re in a restaurant, or as soon as they protect against you top top the street to say hello.


‘Addio’ means ‘farewell.

Even though it’s claimed to be a last goodbye, in many places approximately Italy, such as Tuscany, it’s supplied on a consistent basis, together a typical goodbye in Italian.

You may want to see just how the locals are using it prior to actually utilizing it.

Here’s a beautiful art song by F. P. Tosti named “Addio” sung by the Italian tenor Carlo Bergonzi. Lyrics here.


This is yet one more versatile greeting that can be supplied for both arrival and departure.

Because there space so couple of languages whereby this happens, Italian students typically find the confusing at first.

For arrival and departure, most languages use various formulas.

Can you think of one more language v a formula that functions for both hello and also goodbye? If you do, please leave us a comment below; we’re passionate to learn new things about languages!

Nowadays, ciao is widely offered in numerous languages about the human being (often to typical “goodbye” fairly than “hello”), frequently spelled differently.

But execute you recognize where this ax originated? (To summarize, that is Venetian in beginning and way “I am at your service.”)

Ciao is an informal Italian hatchet that means “goodbye.” It can be supplied with friends, family, young people, and also other people in casual situations.

Even in expert situations, addressing people informally is becoming increasingly prevalent; this is specifically true in areas relating come the brand-new economy or the human being of creativity.

You may likewise come across the “doubled-up” form: Ciao, ciao! This usually shows that someone is going far in a hurry.

Learn more about the meaning of Ciao and also how to usage it here.

Other means to to speak goodbye in Italian

Of course, there room a couple of more variations of goodbye in Italian you can use, but it’s really situational.

For example, if you desire to tell your hosts just how much you took pleasure in everything, you have the right to say ‘mi è piaciuto molto,’ which can be translated as ‘I had a good time,’ or ‘I preferred it a lot.’

It’s no a classic phrase, but you can present your appreciation with it.

You can additionally say ‘è stata una bellissima giornata (visita, serata)’ to express how much you took pleasure in the day, visit or night together with your hosts.

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Other usual ways are:

A fra poco – See you in a littleA stasera – See you tonight(Arrivederci) all’anno prossimo – See you next year(Arrivederci) a lunedì (prossimo) – See you following Monday

Need to practice the days that the week? check out our finish guide.


Goodbye, hello, exactly how are you

Out of every these means of saying goodbye girlfriend will absolutely find one to use in every situation!

Now that you know how to say goodbye to someone, other basic Italian expressions the you need to know are:

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