How perform you choose your songs? Short and sweet, or long and bewitching? The desired length of a song varies native one human being to another—the very same as how civilization have different tastes in music.

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Regardless of where your “song length” allegiances lie, you’re more than likely curious to recognize some of the longest song ever. How long can a song really get? Well, i was also curious and I decided to dig around and also uncover part exceptionally lengthy pieces released end the years.

First things First, A Sneak Peek right into the background of song Lengths

In recent years, the three-and-a-half-minute song is widely considered the industry standard—and for an excellent reason. Any type of song that exceeds this threshold operation the risk of losing the attention of listener by sound self-indulgent and repetitive. However have you ever wondered just how the three-minute rule came about? Time to learn some history!

Back in the so late 19th Century and early 20th Century, a level record was the share in the music industry. The disc was popularly known as a “78” among vinyl enthusiasts—owing come the record’s 78 changes per minute. Yet due to boundaries relating to storage size, the “78” can only host a three-minute or 4-minute song—depending on the dimension of the level disk.

In the ‘50s, the 45-rpm disk to be introduced and also it rapidly made the “78” obsolete. Although the brand-new 45s were much better than “78s” in every way, they might only organize three minutes of a song (subject to the sound selection of a song)—same together their predecessors.

At the time, any artist of a tape hoping to obtain their tracks play on radio had actually to submit your songs via a 45. (Fun Fact: This is where the hatchet “single” came around – i.e., in referral to a document holding a single song).

The 45 record come to be the bedrock of music as it was simpler to re-publishing and much more affordable. Few of the greatest British, R&B, Motown, and Rock & roll songs in American background were actually sold on 45s—including singles by Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd, The rolling Stones, and the Beatles. (PS: number of bands wrote lengthy songs in ~ the time. Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Pink Floyd, and also Jimi Hendrix all have actually songs longer 10-minutes).

But as modern technology evolved previous the 78 and the 45-rpm, why go the three-minute song remain the norm? Theoretically, digital media and also cloud storage should give artists the leeway to relax tracks as long as their heart’s desire. However, this is not the case. If anything, songs are gaining shorter. This probably owes come the age of music streaming and also instant internet gratification—leading to quick attention spans.

Let’s look at some of the Longest songs Ever

The “longest tune ever” is a family member term (i.e., lengthy in relation to what?). Native a track that clocks at over 5 years, a ingredient that has actually been playing since 1999, to a Billboard charter exceeding 10 minutes—this is a fairly diverse and interesting topic.

(Friendly Disclaimer: The length of several of the songs detailed below is outright mind-blowing. So, brace yourselves). All set to it is in baffled? organize on to your jaws and also read on for some of the longest song ever.

What is the Longest Song ever before Recorded?

Officially the location of the “longest song ever recorded” goes to The Rise and also Fall of Bossanova through PC III indigenous the U.S. Follow to the Guinness people Records, the duo the Kelley and also Michael Bostwick to win the previous record by a whopping 10 hours. The song—which big 13 hours 23 minutes 32 seconds—was released in November 2016 and also still hold the title (at the very least according to main records).

the longest song ever before recorded

As impressive as a track that theatre continuously native 6:00 in the morning come 7:23 at night sounds, the doesn’t organize a candle on several of the “unofficially released” songs.

What is the Longest song Ever?

Whereas the title of the “longest song ever before recorded” goes to PC III’sThe Rise and Fall the Bossanova,” the “longest tune ever” has to be Bull that Heaven’sLike a wall surface in Which pest Lives and Gnaws.”

Get this: The track is 5 years, 258 days, and 8 hours long in the entirety. Yes, that’s right—5 freaking year listening to one track non-stop! Not sure if anyone has the cojones, will certainly power, or time to view the song through—but the is mind-blowing.

longest song ever

Interestingly, this is not the band’s an initial rodeo in ~ exceptionally long songs. Bull that Heaven—a duo the Clayton Counts and also Neil Keener—have to be churning out prolonged tracks due to the fact that 2008. Part other noteworthy songs by the band include “116: Rituals of the Elements and Feasts the the Times” and also “043: he Is Cruel and also Moves with an excellent Cunning”—which clock at over 4 days and 13 hours, respectively.

What is the Longest Running tune Ever?

Did you understand that over there is a music composition—known together “Long Player”—that has actually been playing without repetition because the rotate of the 21st Century?

On December 31, 1999, a tune composed by Jem Finer began playing in a lighthouse in England—and has actually never stopped, nor will certainly it prevent until the year 2999 once it completes that cycle. In short, the a tune that poised come play for the entire 21st Century—covering end 30 generations in the process.

“Long Player” is the result of in-depth research right into musical systems. It’s created of 6 compositions the follow an exact yet simple rules—resulting in a 1000-year lengthy song that does not repeat itself in any type of way. If this no the epitome of music and science combined, i don’t understand what is!

What is the Longest Song ever before to graph on Billboard warm 100?

Sure, you now have actually a an excellent idea the what is the longest song ever before recorded, the longest song ever, and also the longest-running song—but i m sorry exceptionally long songs are great enough to chart on Billboard?

According to the Guinness world Records, the location of the “longest song ever before to get in Billboard hot 100” goes come “Fear Inoculum” by Tool. The tune was exit in respectable 2019—and it runs for 10 minutes and 21 seconds. Through day-long songs floating around, the size of “Fear Inoculum” sounds fairly minuscule—but it’s an impressive feat nevertheless in an industry where chart-topping songs are getting shorter.

The title for the longest song ever before on Billboard to be previously held by David Bowie’s 2016 hit, “Blackstar”—which clocked at 9 minutes 57 seconds. The ever-colorful Bowie to be usurped by Tool— v their track debuting top top Billboard warm 100 at no.93. Despite breaking the record for the longest song ever before on Billboard, “Fear Inoculum” was in reality the second shortest tune on the band’s album by the exact same name.

What is the most Bizarre Longest tune Ever?

What if ns told you there is an experimental rock tape that developed a 24-hour long song? no that outstanding judging by what you’ve already read in this article, right? Well, that’s until you find out that a psychedelic band known as Flaming Lips exit a single in 2011 in a quite unusual way.

Believe the or not, the day-long song—“7 Skies H3”—was marketed in pen cd driver encased in 5 skulls. And I’m not talking around the plastic skulls you ar on her doorstep every Halloween—the band used real human skulls! said you…B.I.Z.A.R.R.E! save in mind that the 5 skulls offered out immediately for $5,000 each.

What are some of the Most well-known Longest song Ever?

Resuming to part normalcy, here’s a perform of the most popular longest songs ever.

Rime that the ancient Mariner” by iron Maiden (13:39): Transforming one 18th Century poem right into a 13-minute fight rock tune is a feat that few bands room ballsy sufficient to traction off. Yet this is exactly what steel Maiden did v “Rime the the ancient Mariner.”“Shine ~ above You crazy Diamond” by Pink Floyd (26:01): The track is a tribute come Syd Barret—who was a former member the the band. It was an epic off of “Wish You to be Here”.

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Coma” by weapons N’ Roses (10:16): according to weapons N’ Roses Guitarist, Gilby Clarke, “Coma” is easily the band’s hardest tune to grasp. “Without a doubt, Coma. Ns still don’t recognize it. It’s prefer this 15- or 20-minute song with no repeats.”Dogs” by Pink Floyd (17:05): “Dogs” was originally written through Gilmour in 1974—released together “You Gotta be Crazy”. The track is a fragile blend of pent-up frustration, wordly cynicism, and dreamlike quality.