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Realistic fiction have the right to be defined as a genre of writing in i m sorry the characters, setting, and events space made up but could be real. The word “fiction” indicates that the story is imagined, while words “realistic” method it is true-to-life. These stories resemble actual life since they reflect actual experiences—things human being like you and also I go through. When you acquire into the human being of adult books, you’ll watch the term “literary realism,” however today we’re focusing on realistic fiction books for kids and teens. We’ll sheathe the aspects of realistic fiction, talk about some classics of the genre, and provide a couple of great contemporary recommendations.


Elements of reality Fiction

Look because that the following elements of reality fiction to watch if a story fits into the genre.

Characters. The people and animals in reality fiction stories might exist in the world as we know it. That method no superheroes, no talking pets, and no assimilated creatures. A realistic character might remind friend of yourself, or lock might aid you understand human being of a different culture, religion, gender, sexuality, level the ability, or socioeconomic status. Reading about realistic personalities with different experiences can help us empathize better with the human being in our real lives.

Setting. reality fiction stories commonly take ar in an ordinary part of the genuine world—a setting that is not just possible but likely. Think somewhere favor a institution or neighborhood, not external space. The precise town or school have the right to be make up, yet it needs to resemble real locations that we recognize exist on earth.

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Events. The characters in reality fiction books attend to real-world troubles that drive the story. Probably they’re gift bullied in ~ school, taking care of family issues, or struggling with friendship drama—these are all troubles that you or people you know can go through. Often realistic fiction books deal with social issues, like racism, LGBT+ rights, mental health awareness, and also more.

Time. many realistic fiction stories take ar in the current or recent past from the moment they were written. A story set long back is more likely to fit into the historic fiction genre. However, some classic realistic fiction children’s publications will it seems ~ like historic fiction to modern readers—just remember they were modern when they to be written. Let’s dig right into some of those examples, from picture books to YA.

Classic realistic Fiction Children’s Books


Stevie by john Steptoe (1969)

At first, Robert resents having tiny Stevie around, the boy his mommy watches during the week. However once Stevie’s household moves away, Robert realizes what he misses about his “little brother.” Stevie to be a landmark picture book for its reality portrayal of black color childhood, and it launched writer John Steptoe’s twenty-year literary career. Clock Gordon native Sesame Street read Stevie aloud!

Henry Huggins by Beverly Cleary (1950)

One day, a young young came up to librarian Beverly Cleary and also asked, “Where room the books around kids like us?” over there weren’t many, for this reason she collection out to create some. This tale about an ordinary third-grade boy and his embraced stray dog led Cleary to compose dozens an ext beloved reality fiction children’s books that are still in print today.

Anne of green Gables through L.M. Montgomery (1908)

Eleven-year-old orphan ann Shirley concerns live with brother and sister Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. Her arrival is a disappointment, though—the siblings believed they to be adopting a boy. Anne have to win over the Cuthberts and the remainder of her brand-new community top top Prince Edward Island. This memorable redheaded heroine has actually inspired countless film adaptations and also charmed her way into the understanding of countless readers.

The Outsiders through S.E. Hinton (1967)

Fourteen-year-old Ponyboy Curtis’ human being is divided into two groups of people: socs, who have money, and also greasers, that don’t. Ponyboy’s a proud greaser—one that the eponymous society “outsiders”—until a violent gang occurrence goes as well far. S.E. Hinton wrote The Outsiders in high school and sold the book at 17. She work’s success confirmed that teens were hungry for realistic fiction the engages critically v social issues; this helped establish the criterion for numerous of today’s YA bestsellers.

Contemporary realistic Fiction Children’s Books

Writing reality fiction for kids really took off in the second half of the twentieth century. This genre doesn’t shy far from major social movements and also issues, so these books are a great way come educate readers on important topics. This day we’re seeing much more diversity than ever before so more kids have the right to see themselves represented in fiction. Right here are some good contemporary reality fiction books for kids and also teens the highlight what’s been happening in the genre recently.

Realistic Fiction photo Books


Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty and David Roberts

When Ada twisted starts speak at age three, she starts spewing as numerous “Why?” inquiry as she can think of. In second grade, she starts researching smells “both the stinky and good,” until her experiments obtain out the hand and land she in trouble. Ada’s interest in scientific research is empowering, and also her experiments remain believable for her age—her continuous questioning reminds me of one more curious child I know. As the publications says, “She asks many questions. How could she resist? It’s all in the heart of a young scientist.”

Isaac and His remarkable Asperger Superpowers! by Melanie Walsh

I understand we stated realistic fiction character aren’t superheroes, however Isaac’s powers aren’t really superhuman—he just has Asperger’s syndrome. In the book, Isaac describes how his Asperger’s offers him “powers” but can additionally make his social interactions an ext challenging. It’s a great way to introduce kids to the principle of autism and also can aid them better relate come those onthe spectrum.

Big Red Lollipop by Rukhsana Khan and Sophie Blackall

When Rubina gets invited to a birthday party because that the first time, her mom insists she bring away her tiny sister Sana. Rubina’s embarrassed due to the fact that that’s not exactly how things job-related in their brand-new country. She begrudgingly bring Sana along, and she end up stealing the show and Rubina’s party favor: a large red lollipop. This sweet story explores a specific component of the immigrant suffer while reminding readers that some things, like sibling rivalry, are universal.

MIDDLE GRADERealistic Fiction Books


Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Auggie Pullman is a normal 5th grader acquiring ready to start public institution for the first time. The just issue? He to be born v a face deformity the draws undesirable attention wherever he goes. The story adheres to Auggie through his fifth-grade year as he provides friends, faces bullying, and shows the school what a wonder he really is. It displayed how, together my friend that teaches primary school school put it, “Kids adapt!”

The Crossover by Kwame Alexander

Twelve-year-old mock Bell and also his twin brother Jordan space unstoppable ~ above the court. Their relationship shifts, however, when Jordan it s okay his very first girlfriend. Simply when Josh think he can’t manage any much more change, their dad’s wellness takes a rotate for the worse. This story about brotherhood, basketball, and beats is report in verse, which provides it a great, quick publication for reluctant readers. It won the 2015 Newbery Medal, and it’ll victory you over, too, even if it is or not you’re into sports.

Just prefer Jackie by lindsey Stoddard

When confronted with a family members tree task at school, eleven-year-old Robbie doesn’t know where to start. She’s doesn’t look prefer her dark-skinned grandfather, however he doesn’t like to talk around the past, so she deceased mommy remains a mystery. Together his memory gets worse, Robbie fear she’ll lose him, and also all she family history with it. As soon as her mounting anxiety leads come a violent outburst against her bully, she end up in a therapy group at school where she discovers that she’s not the only with a complicated family.

YA realistic Fiction Books


Aristotle and Dante find the keys of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Aristotle Mendoza doesn’t know other teenage boys, and he has no real friends till he meets Dante Quintana in ~ the swimming pool one summer in El Paso, Texas. Together, they collection out to discover the keys of the universe—and the themselves. Though set in 1987, this 2012 publication deals with plenty that enduring teen struggles—family issues (Aristotle’s brothers is in prison), sexuality (Dante realizes he like boys), and social identity (what does it typical to it is in a Mexican-American?).

The hate U Give by Angie Thomas

This critically-acclaimed book deals with the tough problem of police brutality. The story adheres to 16-year-old Starr Carter, that is in the automobile with her childhood ideal friend, Khalil, as soon as he’s shot by a white police officer. This book provides a first-person view of life inside the black color Lives matter movement, while likewise dealing with various other relatable teen topics—friendship drama, ar ties, and interracial romance.

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Turtles every the means Down by john Green

Sixteen-year-old Aza Holmes battles with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Her stress and anxiety periodically hijacks her brain, bring about her to gain swept-up in all-consuming believed spirals. This makes every little thing in she life a little more worrying, indigenous friendship to institution to kissing come trying to solve the mysterious disappearance of her old friend’s billionaire father. Aza’s narration brings readers into the head that someone that doesn’t feel at home in she head, offering them anew perspective on what it’s prefer to live with mental illness.