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-ful,suffix.Pronouns-ful is fastened to nouns to form adjectives through the definition "full of; defined by"":beauty+-ful → beautiful (= complete of beauty);care+-ful → careful (= identified by care).-ful is fastened to verb to kind adjectives through the definition "tending to; maybe to"":harm+-ful → harmful (= tending to harm);wake+-ful→ wakeful (= tending to continue to be awake).-ful is fastened to nouns to form nouns through the an interpretation "as much as will fill"":spoon+-ful → spoonful (= as lot as will fill a spoon);cup+-ful → cupful (= as lot as will fill a cup).

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-ful suffix (forming adjectives) full of or characterized by: painful, spiteful, restful(forming adjectives) may be or tending to: helpful, useful(forming nouns) denote as lot as will certainly fill the point specified: mouthful, spoonfulEtymology: Old English -ful, -full, indigenous full1Where the amount hosted by a spoon, etc, is provided as a turbulent unit that measurement, the correct form is spoonful, etc: take it a spoonful the this medicine every day. Spoon complete is provided in a sentence such together he organized out a spoon complete of dark liquid, where full of defines the spoon. A plural form such as spoonfuls is desired by numerous speakers and writers to spoonsful
Ful(fŏŏl),USA pronunciationn., pl.Fuls,(esp. Collectively) Ful.Language VarietiesFulani.-ful,Pronounsa suffix an interpretation "full of,"" "characterized by"" (shameful; beautiful; careful; thoughtful); "tending to,"" "able to"" (wakeful; harmful); "as lot as will fill"" (spoonful).

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The many of nouns ending in -ful room usually formed by adding -s to the suffix:two cupfuls; 2 scant teaspoonfuls.Perhaps affected by the phrase in which a noun is adhered to by the adjective complete (both arms complete of packages), some speakers and writers pluralize together nouns by including -s before the suffix:two cupsful.
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be care ful no to"ful drery was hire chere"how to use -ful/-ableI would be grate ful/ I will be grate fulMake (a) success(ful)whole daily Worker-ful the blasphemy and also sedition
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