In your league, what do you consider the most important protective position to the very least important. For me it's:


left center field


right facility field

left field

3rd base

1st base

right field

2nd base



For a organization I'd the end pitcher first.. Naught worse 보다 walking in run after run. Then shortstop, left center, left, 3rd. But if teams work-related to right ar you'll yes, really regret rolling the end a stiff at 2nd base

Not consisting of pitcher, I'd go.

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I think having a good an initial baseman have the right to be underrated. Having a big target who can record pretty much any throw and additionally serve as the secondary cut-off guy is huge.

We additionally swapped ours RC and RF in ~ times as soon as we feel a team was going to target our RF due to the fact that if you hit the ball right into the right ar corner, it's a minimum that 3-bases.

Damn, no love for 2nd base. A good second baseman have the right to make a large difference. With selection and a glove they'll turn 1st to 3rd singles into dual plays, one with an arm can hold runners at 3rd or second when smart teams hit behind base runners.If we have to hide someone, as well as catcher, they walk to right field (unless the groups loaded with lefties, then RC).

Shortstop 2) Left facility 3) third Base 4) Left field

1st base 6) Right center 7) Pitcher 8) second Base 9) ideal Field


I don't know, the last two times we've run into teams play 5 man against us, doubles because that days. Both groups abandoned it fifty percent way through the games. Seems like something that "elite" teams execute to look at cool more than an always-effective strategy.

About the only time we even think about it is if us are against a team that is blatantly blowing up the center constantly.

Then again, we are just rec so perhaps us and the groups we space running right into aren't good enough to operation 5 male in the very first place ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Pretty much. Relying on the kind of pitches the pitcher is throwing and also the foe SS and also LCF can flip flop.

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Shortstop is constantly #1 because that me. Left Center, 3rd, Left, Pitcher, 1st, best Center, 2nd, Right, Catcher

Depends that you're playing. If you're playing a really great team, you should beef up on outfield defense; very few balls are going to remain in the infield. Mean to listed below average teams, SS is at sight important.