For circumstances one human being explores and collects data about a place and another one create a map from that data? Not simply a drawing yet with information, a database of the explored place.

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I know about "cartographer", however they simply draw a map. I must imply developing a entirety database that the discover place. Prefer if somebody explores one island then there need to be details on fauna, flora, soil, water, atmosphere, landscape, minerals, settlements, inhabitants, radiation (if present). And maybe a lot of more.



The task of the cartographer is illustration the map. The gathering of information is excellent by different sorts the specialists.

The physics layout is measure up by a surveyor.

Information about plants is gathered by a biologist, a botanist, or a horticulturist; information around minerals and soils, through a geologist; around people, an anthropologist, sociologist, or ethnologist.

There is, so much as i know, no basic word meaning, "person that collects info for eventual depiction ~ above a map", although probably the indigenous geographer can be advantageous in your context.

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