Definition noun, plural: ciliates common name because that the members of the phylum Ciliophora (or in other group scheme, course Ciliata) that are mainly defined by having countless cilia Supplement In five kingdom scheme of classification, ciliates belong come the subphylum Ciliophora. In other group schemes, ciliates belonging to class Ciliata. Ciliates space protozoans (or protists) the are identified by the visibility of hair-like organelles dubbed cilia. The existence of cilia together an organelle for locomotion was offered as a way to divide ciliates from various other protozoans, such together flagellates, amoeboids, and also sporozoans. Cilia room not only connected in locomotion such as swimming, crawling, etc., castle are provided by ciliates because that feeding and also sensation. Castle occur almost everywhere specifically in moist and aquatic habitats, such as lakes, ponds, oceans, rivers, and soils. Several of the ciliates incorporate Stentor, Didinium), Balantidium, Colpoda, Coleps, Paramecium, Vorticella, Tetrahymena”, etc. Apart from having actually cilia ~ above the cell surface, the ciliates can additionally be differentiated from various other protozoans in having actually two different types of nuclei. One is a little diploid micronucleus that is involved in reproduction and the various other is a larger polypolid macronucleus that is associated in cell regulation. Word origin: cilia + -ate Scientific classification:

(unranked): SAR (unranked): Alveolata Phylum: Ciliophora

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