Mathematics. a main line the bisects a two-dimensional human body or figure. A line around which a three-dimensional body or number is symmetrical.

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Anatomy. a central or principal structure, about which something turns or is arranged: the bones axis. The 2nd cervical vertebra.
Botany. The longitudinal assistance on i beg your pardon organs or components are arranged; the stem and also root; the main line of any kind of body.
Analytic Geometry. Any line provided as a fixed referral in conjunction with one or more other recommendations for determining the place of a allude or the a collection of points developing a curve or a surface.Compare x-axis, y-axis.
Aeronautics. Any kind of one of 3 lines defining the perspective of an airplane, one gift generally identified by the direction of front motion and also the other two at right angles to it and also to each other.
Fine Arts. An imaginary line, in a offered formal structure, about which a form, area, or plane is organized.
an alliance of 2 or much more nations to coordinate their foreign and military policies, and also to attract in v them a group of dependent or supporting powers.

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a genuine or imagine line around which a body, such together an aircraft, can rotate or around which one object, form, composition, or geometrical building and construction is symmetrical
one of 2 or three recommendation lines provided in name: coordinates geometry to find a point in a aircraft or in space
botany the main main part the a plant, generally consisting the the stem and root, native which secondary branches and other parts develop
Also called: primary axis optics the line of the contrary of an optical system, such together the heat passing with the center of a lens
crystallog one of three present passing v the center of a crystal and also used to characterize that is symmetry
any of numerous S oriental deer that the genus Axis, esp A. Axis. They commonly have a reddish-brown white-spotted coat and slender antlers
the Axis the alliance the Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Japan, created in 1936 and also lasting until their loss in world War II (as modifier)the Axis powers
A genuine or imaginary directly line about which a body or geometric object rotates or may be conceived to rotate.