The plus-minus prize ± (also recognized as plus or minus sign) is placed in front of an expression and means that the complying with value can be either positive or negative, much more or less. This symbol frequently indicates:
the boundaries of transforming parametersinstrumental accuracy of measurements for a physical quantitythe expected spread of the statistically estimated parameter valuesthe expression of the result in approximate mathematical calculations.

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For example, the expression "net weight 200 ± 5% g" method that the product"s net weight lies in the variety from 190 come 210 g.

The minus–plus symbol (also known as minus-or-plus sign) is supplied with one or an ext plus-minus signs and way that the plus sign in plus-minus in one expression strictly corresponds to the minus sign in minus-plus and also vice versa, e.g.:


Note: In chess notation, the ± symbol method that ~ the matching move, white has an advantage, and the prize tells that black has an advantage.

There space several various ways exactly how to insert plus-minus or minus-plus symbols right into a native document:

I.Using the Equation:

1. place the cursor where you want to insert the plus-minus prize or minus-plus symbol, then click Alt+= come insert the equitation block:


2. In the equitation block, there is no any extr efforts, you can enter some mathematical signs by keying \+Name of the symbol:


II.Using AutoCorrect because that Math:

When you work with plenty of documents and also often have to paste a single special symbol, you may not want to insert an equation every time. Microsoft Word provides a beneficial feature called AutoCorrect. The AutoCorrect alternatives in Microsoft Word propose two different ways come quickly add any unique character, or evenlarge piece of text:

Using the Math AutoCorrect options:

Using this method, girlfriend can benefit from the Math AutoCorrect alternatives without inserting one equation. To rotate on or revolve off the AutoCorrect that the Math symbols, execute the following:

1. on the File tab, click Options:



3. In the AutoCorrect dialog box, on the Math AutoCorrect tab, pick the Use mathematics AutoCorrect rules external of the math regions option:

After click OK, you can use any type of of the provided Names of symbols, and also Microsoft native will change them v the ideal symbols:

III.Using a shortcut key:

Microsoft Word offers a pre-defined shortcut key for some symbols such as plus-minus sign and also minus-plus sign:

Type 00b1 or 00B1 (does no matter, uppercase or lowercase) and also immediately press Alt+X to insert the plus-minus symbol: ±Type 2213 and press Alt+X come insert the minus-plus symbol:

Note: You have the right to see the combination in the Character code field in the Symbol dialog box (see below).

IV.Using a price dialog box:

To open the Symbol dialog box, top top the Insert tab, in the Symbols group, pick the Symbol button, and also then click More Symbols...

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To choose the minus-plus symbol, in the Font list, pick the Segoe UI Symbol font, and select the symbol:

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