Before you select your brand-new pre-hung door, it"s necessary you know the dimension of the opening. Gaining the best size door because that the opened helps come make your installation smooth and also will get rid of having problems down the road.

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Pre-Hung Door Measurements

Measure the opening to her door frame. Be certain to enable for about a 1½ inch bigger opening 보다 the typical door sizes. Commonly a pre-hung door is measure in 30-inch and also 36-inch size with added sizes available in non-standard widths.

The doors are also a typical 80 inches tall. Presuming the door is a 36-inch broad door, the dimensions of your opening must be 37½ inch broad by 81½ customs tall.

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Reasons for Door opened Sizing

When a pre-hung door is being mounted into an opened there need to be considerations for leveling the door, and also ensuring that it has actually an obstruction free swing. If the pre-hung door is butted up into an opening, the swing will be hindered through the door. It might scrape the floor or the may obtain stuck as it is closing.

An opening that is the very same size together the frame on the pre-hung door can alter the form of the frame and also make the installation an ext difficult.

Taking the guesswork the end of selecting the correct dimension pre-hung door provides things much easier. Now that you have actually the know-how, you"re all collection to head to the hardware store.

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