Hastings-on-Hudson’s Boro6 alcohol Bar / picture by Ken GabrielsenIn a host of i can not qualify ways, Westchester County has actually a insurance claim to being the large Apple’s northernmost 6th district. Execute you think the summary fits?

Many regions outside brand-new York City think of themselves as the city’s sixth borough, and Westchester is no exception. Over there is, for example, Hastings-on-Hudson’s Boro6 wine Bar, and also Captain Lawrence Brewing, which served its sixth Borough Pilsner to thirsty patrons at its Elmsford and Mount Kisco locations, before the brew was newly discontinued.

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Boro6 owner Paul Molakides left Harlem in 2010 and cleared up in Hastings. The heard the Rivertowns referred to as “the 6th borough,” i beg your pardon became more apt when a rise of city individual arrived throughout the pandemic. When he opened his wine bar top top Warburton path in so late 2016, Boro6 guests often asked if Molakides witnessed Hastings as the 6th borough.

Not exactly. “The totality idea of the 6th borough is that you might work in the city,” Molakides explains, “but where you hang your hat at the end of the job is your 6th borough.”

Captain Lawrence’s hoppy pilsner “will move you come the ’burbs and also leave girlfriend in a laid-back 6th Borough state that mind,” check out its description. Owner Scott Vaccaro to be born and also raised in Westchester and spent lots of time in the city, selling and sampling beer. “I’ve always considered Westchester the 6th borough,” that said. “It’s our method of saying the we’re part of the big-city picture. As the city goes, us go.”

Hastings-on-Hudson’s Boro6 alcohol Bar / photograph by Ken Gabrielsen

Plenty of other regions see themselves as the sixth borough. Yes tattoo shop Borough six Gallery in the Connecticut town of Fairfield; sixth Borough salon in Hoboken, NJ; and 6th Borough podcast on long Island. In 2005, The new York Times ran a story arguing Philadelphia together the sixth borough.

Back in 1934 and also closer to home, an alderman proposed merging Yonkers into new York City as the 6th borough. But can there ever before be a proverbial 6th borough? play Kiernan, longtime anchor in ~ NYC news network NY1, isn’t having any kind of of it. “Nice try,” says Kiernan. “There’s no 6th borough.”

The Boro6 employee cultivate manual argues otherwise: “Boro6 refers to OUR idea the Westchester ar (the Rivertowns in particular) has seen an flow of households moving native Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan…. The bulk of these brand-new residents still job-related in the city and commute earlier and forth.

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Hence, Boro6 is the sixth borough of brand-new York City.” however for Molakides and countless others, the sixth borough is ultimately a personal perception. “For us, mine family,” that says, the bonus borough “happened to it is in Hastings-on-Hudson.”